100 Anthems Chill Out mp3 Compilation by Various Artists

100 Anthems Chill Outby Various Artists

  • 100 Tracks
  • 256 kbps
  • 6:35:04


Disk #1

1.She Cries Your Nameby Beth Orton4:47
2.It'S Great When We'Re Togetherby Finley Quaye3:37
3.Starby Primal Scream4:25
4.Juxtapozed With Uby Super Furry Animals3:10
5.Softly Brokenby Michael Renborne2:40
6.Buena Vista (Lounge Mix)by Latin Knights6:03
7.Only Holyby Kanute3:07
8.Moments In Timeby Palo Moncada3:04
9.Flats Sound Concreteby Future Redness2:38
10.Abaladby New People5:43
11.Setting Sunby El Parado4:39
12.Butterfly Dress (Perfect Mix)by Jessie Sunday2:48
13.Seven Days Of Blissby Seasons4:10
14.Malecon (Cayo Largo Mix)by Havana Trio5:30
15.Knifes At The Ready (Bluntz Mix)by Snapper4:03
16.Waters Run Deepby Bolero Orchestra4:40
17.No Longer Mineby The Patriots1:53
18.Blinded By Love (Smoke Mix)by Tim Mccarthy2:52
19.Remember Meby Manish Trio2:59
20.My Child In Africa (Atlas Mix)by Benny Munomuno4:07

Disk #2

1.Slip Into Something More Comfortableby Kinobe3:45
2.Revivalby Martine Girault7:24
3.Underwater Loveby Smoke City6:47
4.Interludeby Cypress Hill1:16
5.Can I Kick It?by A Tribe Called Quest3:32
6.Sailing Away (Ruff Cut)by Freddie Gomez3:38
7.Deep Sleep (Flotation Mix)by Joy3:57
8.Long Range (Sleep Mix)by Distance3:42
9.Hedonist (Wishing Stone Mix)by Silur3:48
10.Chimera (Call Of The Wild Mix)by Velvet3:42
11.Dawn Buddhist Chantsby Viaman3:47
12.Strings Of Loveby Mars3:21
13.Rise & Fallby Aerial Maki3:50
14.Back 2 Back (Parisiana Mix)by Couture3:58
15.Global Informationby Data3:56
16.Force Of Nature (Absolute Zreo Mix)by Nuovo3:45
17.Smoke (Float Lite Pass)by Studio4:11
18.Abstract Truthby Dj Abandon4:01
19.Journeymanby Dayzz3:38
20.Spiritual Lifeby Nava3:32

Disk #3

1.Algiers Dream (Dub Mix)by Ke Fez4:00
2.Flower Lounge (Garden Mix)by Chau Chi5:28
3.Awu Ruby (Missu Mix)by Namibian3:52
4.Come Follow Me (Three Step Mix)by Theo-Al-Maree3:26
5.Asian Beautyby Chillmakers3:55
6.The Childby Ravi Shaza3:52
7.Burri Burriby Iona3:57
8.Free Spiritsby Tai Wat3:54
9.Deep Water (Wealth Of Life Mix)by Adeboro3:55
10.Visions Of Beauty (Beatz Dub)by Saloo3:59
11.Time To Loveby Coco Republic3:32
12.Flure De Grace (Inferno)by Tai Fun3:53
13.Monsoon (Sitra Mix)by Mantra3:57
14.Resting Place (White Smoke Mix)by Kamballa3:56
15.Les Nigerby Kora3:58
16.After Hoursby Audio P4:02
17.Audiomatique (Afro Beat Mix)by Pepe Sitra4:05
18.Born Again (Cycle Mix)by Domez M3:56
19.What Love Is (Original Mix)by Giuseppi Torelli3:50
20.Descendby Fondouks Foundations4:04

Disk #4

1.Brazilian Rhyme Aka Ponta De Areiaby Earth Wind & Fire1:23
2.My Funny Valentineby Miles Davis5:59
3.Hate Or Love (Clean Version)by Lsk3:01
4.Freeby Deniece Williams5:59
5.Urban Buddhaby Urban Buddha4:00
6.The Science (Winter Mix)by Digitix4:00
7.State Of Mindby Biosense3:58
8.Elektrolux (Beat Mix)by Pimpaya3:59
9.Liberationby Indian Corp.3:38
10.Funky Dory (Expander Mix)by Elevation3:54
11.Resolution (Cool Mix)by Yasmine Terry4:00
12.Spread Love (Anise Mix)by Star3:58
13.Habibiby Balqis3:58
14.One Loveby Dusk3:56
15.Once Upon A Timeby Les Horizons3:27
16.Orient Express (Faze Mix)by Nusarat4:18
17.Monsoon (Lazy Mix)by Raman Beats3:59
18.My Sunrise (Universal Dub)by Dj Vitt4:01
19.Hard Timesby 7Th Path3:57
20.My Loveby Data Lata3:59

Disk #5

1.4:14by Global Communication4:15
2.Splendourby Dave Clarke4:33
3.Girlsby Death In Vegas3:57
4.El Cidby Leftfield4:21
5.Monsoon Lifeby Lara Shay3:57
6.Red Dawnby Anoshka3:55
7.Sail Into The Sunby The Funky Lowlives3:18
8.Future Is Now (Deep Soul Mix)by Psyche4:07
9.The Garden (Sweet Zen)by Jose Garndez3:52
10.Lost In Chill (Falling Mix)by Simona Dubois3:43
11.Trade Windsby Chill Club3:56
12.The Chaseby Smiler3:54
13.Sands Of Timeby Bengail Celt3:56
14.Shine (Go Go Gong)by Nava4:02
15.Stopby Passion3:46
16.Melonik (Sushi Mix)by Shira Sushi4:09
17.Simbiossa (Insense Mix)by Sienna Shiraz3:59
18.Ocean Beach (Wave Roc)by Dj Roc3:58
19.Soft Light (Club Dud)by Aquarius3:59
20.Sirens (Sea Mix)by Mecca4:07

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