100 Armind Tunes mp3 Compilation by Various Artists

100 Armind Tunesby Various Artists

  • 100 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 13:28:55


1.Winter Stayed (Alex M.O.R.P.H. Mix)by Triple A7:50
2.Between The Rays (Original Mix)by Ørjan Nilsen6:46
3.Skyfire (Original Mix)by Shogun8:27
4.Turn Out The Lights (Hiver & Hammer Remix)by M.I.K.E.7:22
5.Run Till U Shine (Cosmic Gate Remix) (feat. Sir Adrian)by Andrew Bennett8:00
6.Mushroom Therapy (Armin van Buuren Remix)by Mark Otten9:39
7.Intruder (Original Mix) (vs. M.I.K.E.)by Armin van Buuren7:29
8.Tuvan (Original Mix)by Gaia8:09
9.Find (Andy Moor Remix) (feat. El)by Ridgewalkers8:56
10.Halcyon (Original Mix)by Andy Moor9:11
11.Last Minute (Original Mix) (and Al-Exander)by Ron Hagen6:57
12.Remember Me (Shawn Mitiska & Tyler Michaud Remix)by Interstate8:30
13.Revolution In You (Main Mix)by Alexander Popov7:22
14.Big Sky (EDX's Russian Winter Remix) (feat. Audrey Gallagher)by John O'Callaghan7:02
15.Totally Fascinated (M.I.K.E.'S Totally Mix)by M.I.K.E.8:40
16.Massive Motion (Original Mix)by M.I.K.E.8:22
17.Tranquility (Original Mix)by Mark Otten9:26
18.Go Fast! (Original Mix)by Ørjan Nilsen8:54
19.So Serene (Original Mix)by Mark Otten9:58
20.Turn Out The Lights (Original Version)by M.I.K.E.9:48
21.Glaze (Original Mix)by Arctic Quest9:20
22.Electronic Electro (Original Mix) (feat. Paco Maroto) (and Julio Navas)by David Amo7:11
23.Inertia (Armin van Buuren Remix) (feat. Alex Lemon)by Fragile9:38
24.Birth of An Angel (Original Mix)by Armin van Buuren9:25
25.Serenity (Original Mix) (feat. Jan Vayne)by Armin van Buuren8:37
26.Love Theme Dusk (Airbase Pr. Parc Mix) (and Signalrunners)by Mike Foyle6:18
27.Communication Part 3 (Coldware Cold Remix)by Armin van Buuren8:18
28.Now Is The Time (Original Mix) (and Al-Exander)by Ron Hagen7:28
29.Sail (Original Mix)by Armin van Buuren9:14
30.Renaissance (Original Mix)by Arctic Quest9:53
31.Light The Skies (Original Mix)by Cerf, Mitiska & Jaren8:01
32.Control Freak (Original Mix)by Armin van Buuren8:18
33.Arisen (Original Mix)by Arksun9:01
34.Love You More (Original Mix) (feat. Racoon)by Armin van Buuren7:45
35.White Sand (DJ Shah's Original Mix)by Sunlounger9:55
36.Shipwrecked (Gareth Emery Remix)by Mike Foyle7:38
37.Louder (Original Mix) (feat. Jennifer Rene)by José Amnesia8:59
38.This World Is Watching Me (Original Mix) (feat. Kush vs. Rank 1)by Armin van Buuren7:58
39.Black Smoke (Original Mix)by Arctic Quest7:08
40.Reasons To Forgive (Original Mix) (feat. Tenishia)by Kirsty Hawkshaw9:05
41.Outsiders (Original Mix) (feat. Tenishia)by Kirsty Hawkshaw7:43
42.Firefly (Original Mix)by Mike Foyle7:32
43.Remember Me (Interstate Club Mix)by Interstate9:18
44.Rush Hour (No Intro Edit)by Armin van Buuren9:35
45.Tremble (Original Mix)by Global Illumination8:39
46.Wouldn't Change A Thing (Original Mix) (feat. Jennifer Rene)by José Amnesia8:05
47.La Guitarra (Original Mix)by Ørjan Nilsen8:19
48.Kalopsia (Original Mix)by The Blizzard9:42
49.Big Sky (Original Mix) (feat. Audrey Gallagher)by John O'Callaghan9:32
50.Invincible (Original Mix) (feat. Jennifer Rene)by José Amnesia8:13
51.The Ones That Get Away (Original Mix)by Arnej8:07
52.Certainty (Mark Otten Dub) (feat. Cathy Burton)by Julian Vincent8:08
53.If You Should Go (Original Mix) (feat. Susana)by Armin van Buuren7:46
54.Going Wrong (Original Mix) (feat. Chris Jones & DJ Shah)by Armin van Buuren5:36
55.Pandora (Original Mix)by Mike Foyle8:18
56.Invisible (Original Mix) (feat. Tenishia)by Kirsty Hawkshaw7:55
57.In & Out of Love (Original Mix) (feat. Sharon Den Adel)by Armin van Buuren6:01
58.She Wants Him (Blake Jarrell's Panty Dropper Remix) (and Terrafunka)by Moussa Clarke8:00
59.Vampire (Club Mix) (feat. Carrie Skipper)by Myon & Shane 549:25
60.Unforgivable (Original Mix) (feat. Jaren)by Armin van Buuren8:03
61.Strangers We've Become (Tech Dub) (feat. Josie)by Arnej7:09
62.Shades of Grey (Original Mix)by DJ Governor8:37
63.Fine Without You (feat. Jennifer Rene)by Armin van Buuren6:26
64.Freefalling (Original Mix) (feat. Audrey Gallagher)by Claudia Cazacu8:06
65.Not Giving Up On Love (Dash Berlin 4AM Mix) (vs. Sophie Ellis-Bextor)by Armin van Buuren7:02
66.Inside of You (Original Mix) (feat. Gabriel Cage & Ronnie Play)by Fabio XB7:06
67.Never Fade Away (Original Mix) (feat. Lo-Fi Sugar)by John O'Callaghan5:00
68.You Walk Away (Original Mix) (feat. Audrey Gallagher)by tyDi9:11
69.Broken Tonight (Original Mix) (feat. VanVelzen)by Armin van Buuren6:05
70.Beggin' You (Original Club Mix)by Cerf, Mitiska & Jaren9:00
71.Lost Together (Armin van Buuren Mash Up) (vs. Sunlounger)by Sophie Sugar7:47
72.Run Till U Shine (Original Mix) (feat. Sir Adrian)by Andrew Bennett7:59
73.Full Focus (Extended Mix)by Armin van Buuren6:49
74.Lovers Lane (Original Mix)by Ørjan Nilsen7:46
75.The Day Will Come (Original Mix)by Arnej7:53
76.Aisha (Original Mix)by Gaia8:20
77.This Light Between Us (Armin van Buuren's Great Strings Mix) (feat. Christian Burns)by Armin van Buuren7:22
78.Pale Memories (Original Mix)by DJ Governor7:53
79.International Departures (Classic Anthem Mix)by Myon & Shane 547:39
80.Agnus (Original Mix)by Ørjan Nilsen6:21
81.Not Giving Up On Love (Extended Version) (vs. Sophie Ellis-Bextor)by Armin van Buuren6:53
82.She Wants Him (Vocal Mix) (and Terrafunka)by Moussa Clarke8:56
83.Mjuzik (Original Mix)by Ørjan Nilsen7:48
84.Status Excessu D (ASOT 500 Theme) (pres. Gaia)by Armin van Buuren9:43
85.Anywhere But Here (Original Mix) (feat. Neev Kennedy)by Ørjan Nilsen8:23
86.Feels So Good (Tristan Garner Remix) (feat. Nadia Ali)by Armin van Buuren6:11
87.The Mule (Original Mix)by Ørjan Nilsen6:10
88.White Sand (High Noon At Salinas Mix)by Sunlounger8:06
89.Libertine (Original Mix)by Mark Otten8:45
90.Kalopsia (Mark Otten Energetic Remix)by The Blizzard8:25
91.Certainty (Relocate Main Vocal Mix) (feat. Cathy Burton)by Julian Vincent8:46
92.My Inner Island (Original Mix) (and Omnia)by The Blizzard7:44
93.Futuristic (Original Mix)by Myon & Shane 547:23
94.Beggin' You (Glenn Morrison Remix)by Cerf, Mitiska & Jaren7:03
95.The Day Will Come (Sied van Riel Remix)by Arnej7:07
96.Last Minute (Beat Service Remix) (and Al-Exander)by Ron Hagen8:20
97.Strangers We've Become (Vocal Mix) (feat. Josie)by Arnej7:08
98.Pandora (The Blizzard Remix)by Mike Foyle9:47
99.Firefly (Mark Sherry's Outburst Remix)by Mike Foyle8:25
100.Arisen (Airbase Pres. Parc Remix)by Arksun8:26