100 Hits: Kids mp3 Soundtrack by Various Artists

100 Hits: Kidsby Various Artists

  • 80 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 3:04:19


Disk #1

1.Charlie and Lola Theme Tuneby Charlie and Lola2:05
2.When We Play In A Bandby LazyTown2:02
3.Waltzing Matilda/Kookaburraby Dora the Explorer3:31
4.Fifi's Lemonadeby Fifi and the Flowertots2:06
5.Peppa Pig Medleyby Peppa Pig2:47
6.Pitt & Kantrop Themeby Pitt & Kantrop0:37
7.Life's A Treat [Wool Mix]by Shaun The Sheep2:28
8.Pocoyo Themeby Pocoyo2:05
9.Me Too! Theme - Riverseafingalby Me Too!2:14
10.Jim Jam & Sunny Themeby Jim Jam & Sunny0:31
11.Hey Hey Finleyby Finley The Fire Engine1:47
12.The Beeps Opening Titlesby The Beeps0:34
13.Mama Mirabelle Title Themeby Mama Mirabelle0:53
14.Mister Maker Themeby Mister Maker0:43
15.Feel The Powerby Bratz Babyz2:08
16.Let's Make Musicby Something Special2:06
17.Right Here, Right Nowby Tweenies3:15
18.Morning In The Rainforest/Diego Themeby Go Diego Go!3:26
19.The Backyardigans Theme Songby The Backyardigans0:58
20.Right Tool For The Jobby Bob the Builder3:42

Disk #2

1.Space Pirates [Extended Theme]by Space Pirates2:51
2.The Bestest In The Barnby Charlie and Lola2:47
3.Big Barn Farm Themeby Big Barn Farm0:38
4.If You Need A Little Rhythmby Balamory3:40
5.Five Sensesby Mama Mirabelle3:02
6.Who'd Ya Call?by Brum3:41
7.Postman Pat Medley (Postman Pat Theme/Jess The Cat)by Postman Pat3:47
8.Main Title - Jakers! Themeby Jakers!1:02
9.Rupert Bear Follow The Magicby Rupert Bear2:20
10.I Am The Monkeyby Something Special2:37
11.Wriggle Songby Jim Jam & Sunny2:05
12.Do The Lollipopby Tweenies2:30
13.Jumping For Funby Teletubbies6:07
14.Those Scurvy Rascals Themeby Those Scurvy Rascals0:26
15.We Are The Fimbles, How D'you Do?by Fimbles2:37
16.Friends To The Endby Finley The Fire Engine1:32
17.Hana's Helpline Theme Tune (Moo Baa Double Quack Quack)by Hana's Helpline1:06
18.The Magic Roundabout Themeby The Magic Roundabout0:32
19.Let's Get Busyby Bob the Builder3:03
20.Fun Song Factory Themeby Fun Song Factory0:52

Disk #3

1.We Love To Salsaby Fifi and the Flowertots0:57
2.On Bobby's Busesby Me Too!2:31
3.It's Fun To Fimbleby Fimbles2:49
4.Let's Play Togetherby Little Tikes1:00
5.Boom Boomby Basil Brush0:25
6.Carrie and David's Popshop Theme (and David's Popshop)by Carrie1:04
7.Let's Paradeby Noddy1:52
8.Big Cook Little Cook Themeby Big Cook Little Cook0:34
9.Get Squiggling Themeby Get Squiggling0:32
10.Motown Mixby Boogie Beebies7:30
11.We Can Do Itby Bratz Babyz2:39
12.Where's Willy?by Muffin The Mule3:33
13.Greendale Anthemby Postman Pat3:04
14.Bill and Ben Themeby Bill and Ben3:07
15.Pablo The Little Red Fox Themeby Pablo The Little Red Fox0:22
16.Vampires, Pirates & Aliens Themeby Vampires, Pirates & Aliens0:27
17.Cheer You Upby Balamory3:08
18.SpongeBob SquarePants Themeby SpongeBob SquarePants0:46
19.Popcornby Crazy Frog2:48
20.Say Eh Oh [2007 Remix]by Teletubbies3:34

Disk #4

1.My Time Too (Granny Murray)by Me Too!1:30
2.Bananasby Tweenies3:48
3.Do The Fimble Danceby Fimbles2:14
4.The Wonder Pets! Themeby The Wonder Pets!0:42
5.Jump A Little Higherby Balamory2:34
6.Reggae Mixby Boogie Beebies15:10
7.Bob's Line Danceby Bob the Builder3:15
8.Tommy Zoom 2007 Extended Themeby Tommy Zoom3:01
9.The Rhythm Of The Musicby Fun Song Factory1:41
10.Bird Bath Opening/End Titles Medleyby Bird Bath0:40
11.The Hydronauts Theme Tuneby The Hydronauts0:48
12.Cloudsby Teletubbies5:19
13.Ethelbert The Tiger Theme Tuneby Ethelbert The Tiger1:30
14.Skunk Fu!by Skunk Fu!2:20
15.When You Least Expect Itby Little Tikes1:13
16.Beep Beep Tree Songby The Beeps0:35
17.Watch My Chops Theme Tuneby Watch My Chops0:48
18.The Noddy Nodby Noddy2:03
19.Axel Fby Crazy Frog2:52
20.Auld Lang Syne Remixby Space Pirates2:21

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