1980-1986 mp3 Artist Compilation by The Dicks

1980-1986by The Dicks

  • 21 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 57:22


1.Dicks Hate the Police1:59
2.Lifetime Problems1:53
3.Saturday Night at the Bookstore4:43
4.Dead in a Motel Room1:50
5.Fake Bands1:25
6.Wheelchair Epidemic2:18
7.Shit on Me2:04
8.Anti-Klan, Part 11:53
9.No Nazi's Friend3:09
10.Rich Daddy2:30
11.Kill From the Heart1:55
12.Anti-Klan, Part 23:17
13.No Fuckin' War4:46
14.I Hope You Get Drafted1:27
15.Sidewalk Begging3:49
16.George Jackson3:29
17.The Police (Force)2:27
18.Off-Duty Sailor2:44
19.Executive Dive2:56
20.Decent and Clean3:29