2018 Recap mp3 Compilation by Various Artists

2018 Recapby Various Artists

  • 23 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 2:34:33


1.Mandalaby Blastoyz5:58
2.Watchaby Samra6:46
3.Kundaliniby TERRA7:43
4.Sweet Swampby Pangea8:00
5.This Sound (and Wako-Delic)by Punxline6:27
6.Hive Mindby Biogenesis4:57
7.Animal Side (and Bliss)by Azax6:22
8.El Toro (and Harmonika)by TERRA5:38
9.Energize (Mystical Complex & Dapanji Remix) (and Eskimo)by Void6:32
10.ONN TOWNby Bliss6:20
11.Freaks at Night (and Alegro)by Azax6:56
12.Requiem of the Fateby Bionix7:43
13.Jigsawby Masticate9:17
14.Synergia (and Sajanka)by Mystical Complex6:41
15.Imaginationby Anomalia5:58
16.Primeby WHITENO1SE6:10
17.Cell Runner (and Solarix)by Timelock7:33
18.Next Levelby Samra7:53
19.Punch Itby Synctronik5:56
20.Freeby Tronsho6:30
21.The Theme (Effective Remix)by WHITENO1SE6:54
22.Do The Mantra (Painkiller Remix)by Darwish6:05
23.Chasing Molly in the Stars (vs. Bubble & Dahwin)by Rising Dust6:14