2019 Album mp3 Artist Compilation by Dani Corbalan
  • 20 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 1:04:00


1.Redemption (Radio Edit)3:25
2.In Love (Radio Edit)2:59
3.Back to Love (Radio Edit)2:48
4.Ankara (Radio Edit)3:19
5.Where Are You (Radio Edit)2:49
6.Whisper In The Night (Radio Edit)3:33
7.Free (Radio Edit)2:42
8.Outside (Radio Edit)3:51
9.Love Away (Radio Edit)3:54
10.Close My Eyes (Radio Edit)2:12
11.Fall Into You (Radio Edit)2:45
12.Memories (Radio Edit)2:32
13.Take My Hand (Radio Edit)3:47
14.Show Me How (Radio Edit)3:19
15.Breathing (Radio Edit)2:46
16.I Don't Need You (Radio Edit)2:52
17.Never Look Back (Radio Edit)3:40
18.I'm Sorry (Radio Edit)2:15
20.Somewhere (Radio Edit)3:19

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