25 Years Of Disco-Pop mp3 Album by Modern Talking

25 Years Of Disco-Popby Modern Talking

  • 32 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 2:30:32


Disk #1

1.You'Re My Heart, You'Re My Soul3:50
2.Cheri Cheri Lady3:47
3.Brother Louie3:41
4.Geronimo'S Cadillac3:19
5.In 100 Years3:58
6.Jet Airliner4:22
7.You Can Win If You Want3:43
8.Just We Two (Mona Lisa)3:57
9.Atlantis Is Calling (S.O.S. For Love)3:49
10.Sweet Little Sheila3:04
11.One In A Million3:42
12.Give Me Peace On Earth4:14
13.Keep Love Alive (Long Vocal Mix)3:26
14.In 100 Years (Long Version Future Mix)6:39
15.Brother Louie (Metro Clubmix)6:14
16.Ryan Simmons Lucky Guy (Special-Dj-Mix)8:19
17.Your'E My Heart, Your'E My Soul (Paul Masterson's Extended Remix)7:19

Disk #2

1.Tv Makes The Superstar3:46
2.Sexy Sexy Lover3:35
3.You'Re My Heart, You'Re My Soul '983:51
4.China In Her Eyes3:46
5.You Are Not Alone3:42
6.Brother Louie '983:37
7.Don't Take Away My Heart3:56
8.Ready For The VIctory3:33
9.Win The Race3:37
10.Last Exit To Brooklyn3:18
11.No Face No Name No Number4:00
14.Higher Than Heaven (U-Max Mix)3:40
15.Space Mix '9821:36

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