50 D.Trance Tunes, Vol 2 mp3 Compilation by Various Artists

50 D.Trance Tunes, Vol 2by Various Artists

  • 56 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 7:42:51


1.Ayla 2011 (Ayla Club Mix)by Ayla6:24
2.9 P.M. (Till I Come) (2011 Club Mix)by Tunnel Force7:37
3.Pong (Extended Club Mix)by Wippenberg8:03
4.Luvstruck 2011 (Marco V Revixed)by Southside Spinners7:04
5.Chasing Cars 2011 (Club Mix)by Peter Agyagos6:53
6.Chaos In Motion (And-E & MacLane Club Mix)by Andy Prinz8:20
7.All I Need (Apollo Club Mix) (and The Makenzie)by Apollo6:54
8.The Great Escape (Jonas Stenberg Club Remix) (vs. Jochen Miller)by Rank 17:23
9.X-Files 2011 (DDA Club Remix)by Mike Nero5:50
10.Heart Of The Ocean (Tunnel Allstars DJ Team Club Remix)by Andrew Spencer5:53
11.NYC (Club Mix) (vs. DJ Lee)by Megara5:32
12.Spirit (Megara vs. DJ Lee Club Remix)by Chemistry4:40
13.Feel (Original Club Mix) (pres. Impaxx)by Dave 2027:24
14.Angels Fly (Blitzfaktor Club Mix)by DJ Matto7:40
15.I Want You (Club Mix) (vs. DJ Lee)by Megara6:02
16.Dance 2011 (Megara vs. DJ Lee Club Remix)by Apollo6:41
17.Like I Love You (Instrumental Club Mix)by The Hitmen6:31
18.Back From Paradise (Original Club Mix) (pres. Henix-R)by DJ Madwave7:06
19.III (Original Club Mix)by Nolita6:29
20.For My Love (Original Club Mix)by DJ Myde7:14
21.First Impression (S.H.O.K.K. Club Mix)by Dave Joy7:54
22.Higher State Of Happiness (Club Mix)by Gary D.5:33
23.Check This Out (DJ Myde Club Remix)by Bas van den Eijken6:56
24.First Day (Original Edit)by Suncatcher3:51
25.Budi's Theme (Original Club Mix) (and Parsberg)by Tandu8:46
26.Nessun Dorma (Club Mix)by Lacrima7:18
27.Symphony In Gminor (Deja Vu Club Remix)by Phalanx6:37
28.Beyond Truth (Illitheas Club Remix)by Wonderful Feeling7:55
29.Fly Into The Blue (Club Mix)by DJ Myde5:53
30.Infinity 2001 (Original Club Mix)by Mike Dragon7:49
31.Superstring (Rank Club Remix)by Cygnus X8:15
32.As You Wish (Original Club Mix)by Robert Gitelman7:26
33.Sunset Beach (Original Club Mix)by DJ Tatana7:55
34.This Is My Time (Club Mix)by Calderone Inc6:04
35.Overdrive (DJ Sakin & Friends Dub Remix)by Tube Tonic6:52
36.Metamorphosis (Original Club Mix)by Gary D.6:53
37.Hey You! (Gary D.'s Extended Club Mix)by Bas van den Eijken7:01
38.Acid Moonlight (Original Club Mix) (and The Sixth Sense)by Dean Zone6:58
39.Exorcism Of Chucky (DJ Damon Club Remix)by Rushtex7:38
40.The Chumscrubber (Original Club Mix)by Bas van den Eijken6:25
41.Reborn (Club Mix)by Gary D.7:20
42.Children Of The Sun (Original Club Mix)by Robert Gitelman8:02
43.Abony Angel (DJ Lee Club Remix) (vs. Thomas Petersen)by Lisaya5:52
44.When You Went Away (Kimura & Tube Tonic Club Remix)by 44 Heartquake7:05
45.Serious Sound (Club Mix)by 45 Ramp6:46
46.Scream (Groove-T Club Remix)by M-J5:46
47.Euro Power (Club Mix) (vs. Technikal )by Steve Hill7:25
48.Velocity (Original Club Mix)by 48 Mauguzun6:39
49.Atlantis (Original Club Mix) (pres. Advanced)by Ronny K.9:18
50.Tornado (Original Club Mix)by John Miller6:02
51.Dance As One (Brett Wood Club Remix)by Meller8:38
52.Hankering (Original Club Mix)by Proyal7:16
53.Viper (Original Club Mix)by John Miller7:24
54.So Little Time (Original Club Mix)by Matt Pincer8:03
55.The D.Trance Anthem (Gary's Legend Club Mix) (feat. Bas Van Den Eijken)by Gary D.5:51
56.Special DJ Mix By Gary D.by Various Artists1:19:45

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