50 Florida Summer Tracks by Various Artists

50 Florida Summer Tracks

by Various Artists

  • 50 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 2:49:46


1.My Passion (Ryan Street Remix Edit)by Kris McTwain3:05
2.Leave Me Alone (Radio Edit) (feat. Adeena)by Fucking Role Models3:19
3.Esta Noche (Yo Quiero Gozar) (feat. Rodry Go)by Alessio Pras4:13
4.Last Night a DJ Saved My Lifeby Outatime2:48
5.Der Beat ist besser als Sex (Crew 7 Radio Mix)by Cayenna3:00
6.Avenue (Radio Mix)by Crew 73:27
7.You & I (Brisby & Jingles Edit) (vs. Mark Hills)by DJ Mafia3:07
8.Baby Come Back (Crew 7 Edit)by Soul Bros.3:36
9.Beautiful Day (House Radio Mix) (feat. John Davis)by David Amani3:03
10.I'm a 1950's Girl (Radio Mix)by 19503:21
11.Fallin' in Love (Radio Mix)by Verona2:59
12.The Promised Land (Radio Edit)by Tricky P3:52
13.La Cumbia (Ivory Radio Edit)by Cuba Club3:06
14.Hey Baby (Radio Mix) (feat. Rafiq)by Adam Thomas3:25
15.Little White Lies (Airplay Edit) (vs. Adassa)by Tale & Dutch3:31
16.Fuck Buddies (Radio Edit)by Regina3:15
17.Obsesion (Crew 7 Radio Mix) (vs. David Amani)by Cuba Club3:11
18.Queen of the Club (Brisby & Jingles Radio Mix) (feat. Tommy Clint)by Paul Dave3:22
19.Love Life (Classic Radio Edit)by Tale & Dutch3:59
20.Bad Boys (A Class Floor Mix) (feat. Soul Bros.)by Crew 74:11
21.Mucho Mambo (Sway) (DJ Rebel Radio Edit)by Shaft4:04
22.Ghostbusters (Cuba Club Radio Mix)by Ivory3:10
23.Suavemente (Moombahton Edit)by Crew 74:10
24.In My Eyes (If There's Love in His Eyes) (Radio Mix)by Cuba Club3:31
25.Cuba (Sunset Crew Radio Edit)by Cuba Club3:07
26.Hungry Eyes (Remix Edit)by Paris Encore2:54
27.La Isla Bonita (Crew 7 Radio Edit)by Commercial Club Crew2:59
28.All Around the World (Radio Edit) (feat. Cr4fty)by Noshima3:35
29.Everytime We Touch (Club Radio Version) (feat. Men of Honor)by Crew 72:52
30.The Bomb (These Sounds Fall Into My Mind) (2010 Frank Eikam Radio Mix)by Sunrider3:08
31.Run (Bogdan Ioan Edit)by Less Affair3:39
32.Tellin' My Heart (Radio Mix)by Miloud3:53
33.Fill It Up (Radio Mix) (feat. Voyce)by Steve N King3:30
34.Rum and Coca Cola (Radio Mix)by Grimaldello3:17
35.L'amour toujours (Kim Leoni Female Voice Radio Edit)by Brisby & Jingles3:16
36.Mine Mine Mine (Crew 7 Edit)by Mr. Z3:16
37.Unttainable Love (Dennis Kaito Edit)by Tale & Dutch3:04
38.Live My Life (Radio Edit) (feat. Young Sixx & Cali)by Pressure Unit3:26
39.Shooting Star (Radio Edit) (feat. Andy Kiys)by K la Cuard3:35
40.Medicine (Crew 7 Edit)by Kim Leoni3:09
41.Music Obrigada (Radio Edit)by Dan Wave3:56
42.My Passion (Radio Mix)by Kris McTwain3:42
43.Eye of the Tiger (Sunset Crew Radio Edit)by Crew 73:46
44.Hollywood (Radio Edit) (feat. Ashley Slater)by The STW Project3:51
45.All That She Wants (Radio Edit)by Salemme3:03
46.Boom Boom Boom (Crew 7 Radio Mix)by Soul Bros.3:44
47.Fantasy Girl (Radio Version)by Brisby & Jingles3:19
48.Dr. Dancefloor (Radio Mix) (pres. Dr. Dancefloor)by Rachel Kramer2:48
49.Follow Me (Radio Mix) (feat. Ruby Blu)by 19503:21
50.No Games (Radio Edit)by Genial2:51