50 Shades of Trance, Vol.2 mp3 Compilation by Various Artists

50 Shades of Trance, Vol.2by Various Artists

  • 50 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 5:15:16


1.Symphonyby Max Fregat3:24
2.Moonshineby 2ugly2hold4:02
3.Starsby Proezas4:06
4.Touskaya (Extended Mix)by Raed Massad4:17
5.Through Your Eyesby Demex4:19
6.Shake It Don't Break It (Stiopa Remix)by DJ Besiky4:37
7.Come Backby Demex4:42
8.Black Hat (Wild Noize Remix) (and Alvin)by Simon Lee4:47
9.Black Hat (Club Mix) (and Alvin)by Simon Lee4:47
10.Freedomby Vaas Voreno4:49
11.Unbrokenby Demex4:50
12.Once Moreby Demex5:10
13.Don't You Love Meby Dmitry Glushkov5:12
14.Jaguar (Bardalimov Remix)by Demex5:30
15.Once More (Goc Remix)by Demex5:43
16.Galeraby Bardalimov5:47
17.From Now Onby Bardalimov5:45
18.Paradise (Bardalimov Remix) (and Ross Rayer)by Amen B5:46
19.Lowby Emre Colak6:00
20.Come Back (Soren Andrews Remix)by Demex6:11
21.Love Something (Mu Meux Rebuild Mix) (and Randall Dean)by Airborne US6:16
22.All Thrownby Bardalimov6:20
23.Human Beings (Bardalimov Remix) (and Peet Beck)by Amen B6:21
24.And Was Light (Miroslav Vrlik Remix) (and Giovanni Varlotta)by Andrea Ribeca6:23
25.Remember (Alex Krav Remix)by BT6:27
26.Compactby Bardalimov6:30
27.Have It All (and Summer Sounds)by Mariusz Chodorek6:30
28.Tiberiusby Martin Tyler6:32
29.Lonely Roadsby Marco Mc Neil6:35
30.Clouds (Bardalimov Remix) (and Jeffron Vox)by Amen B6:38
31.Off Madnessby Alex Krav6:38
32.Requiemby Createx6:43
33.Breathe No More (Cammel Remix) (and Miroslav Vrlik)by Amen B6:47
34.Fevertreeby MK & TW6:47
35.Paradise (and Ross Rayer)by Amen B6:48
36.And Was Light (and Giovanni Varlotta)by Andrea Ribeca7:15
37.Jaguar (Markus Mai Remix)by Demex7:19
38.Red Dragonby Skyfield7:21
39.Far Shineby Bardalimov7:24
40.Jaguar (DJ Ayk Remix)by Demex7:29
41.Take Me (Adnane Touzani Remix)by Raed M7:33
42.Clouds (Kita-Kei Remix) (and Jeffron Vox)by Amen B7:34
43.Jaguar (Milad Eynizadeh Remix)by Demex7:34
44.Inner Sorrowby DJ Ayk7:43
45.Unnovaby Taranhawk7:52
46.Jaguar (Jaccob Remix)by Demex7:53
47.Trancefusionby Frost7:53
48.Believe Meby DJ Ayk8:14
49.Will Be Togetherby Alex Krav8:40
50.Motherby Baintermix9:33