50 Tech Trance Tunes, Volume 2 by Various Artists

50 Tech Trance Tunes, Volume 2

by Various Artists

  • 50 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 5:53:48


1.Serene (and Matt Kidd)by Chris8:00
2.MelbourneNailgun (Chris and Matt Kidd Intro Mash Up) (and John Askew)by Sean Tyas3:46
3.Arenaby Spencer6:32
4.Mental (Ian Booth Remix)by Toby Shark6:51
5.Numero Uno (Ummet Ozcan Remix)by Lisa Lashes6:13
6.Come out Swingingby Channel Surfer5:37
7.Civitanova (Nick Callaghan & Will Atkinson's Extended Remix)by Indecent Noise7:59
8.Jawbreak-R (and Ballantine)by Hughes8:29
9.Crash, Bang, Wallop! (Nathyn Red Remix)by Lee Haslam6:59
10.Missing Piecesby Gary Maguire5:58
11.Hold Me Downby Toby Shark8:06
12.The Bendsby Lisa Lashes6:47
13.Mind Gameby Omega Drive6:16
14.Throwing Swordsby Matt Skyer8:23
15.For Johnby Omega Drive6:07
16.Code Zero (Peetu S Con Artist Tuned My Steinway Remix)by Jamie Drummond7:18
17.Destroyerby Peter Plaznik7:26
18.Blueprint (Cristian Ketelaars Remix)by Ally Brown5:44
19.Make Believeby Gary Maguire6:31
20.Strings on a Monster Bass (and Soren Weile)by DJ Choose8:06
21.Raw Contrast (and Tech-Trek)by Peter Plaznik7:39
22.Hidden Realityby Ian Booth6:36
23.Manipulate (and Sequence)by Deathmind7:54
24.Z List Uber Star (Peter Plaznik Dark Sessions Remix)by John Askew7:05
25.Aberration of Lightby Origin7:58
26.Electric Chairby Oberon7:25
27.Bang!by Deathmind7:36
28.Magic Man (Oberon's Trickster Remix)by Jamie Drummond7:39
29.Senticsby Chris Voro7:14
30.The Landscapeby N.O.A.7:46
31.White Walkers (Steve Morley Remix)by Johann Stone8:39
32.White Walkersby Johann Stone6:18
33.No Rushby Cristian Ketelaars6:15
34.Deceptionby Robbie van Doe7:00
35.The Rainbow Hunterby Oberon6:17
36.The Power of the Darksideby The Technicians6:28
37.Giving You Acid (Harmonic Rush 'On Salvia' Remix)by John Askew7:00
38.Balrogby UP38:00
39.Fragmentsby Miles7:31
40.Cobraby Stuart Millar7:34
41.Iluvatarby Changes6:45
42.Azimuthby Dark Air6:36
43.Freddie's Revengeby Kinetica8:07
44.Now I'm Disturbedby R.E.L.O.A.D.7:26
45.Monolith (The Technicians Remix)by David Rust6:34
46.Relentlessby Project 86:48
47.Thanosby Mike Squillo7:29
48.Exploitationby Tasso5:56
49.Gnarlyby Johann Stone7:19
50.Psychotria Viridisby Peter Plaznik7:46