50 Trance Classics mp3 Compilation by Various Artists

50 Trance Classicsby Various Artists

  • 50 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 6:25:04


1.Take me away (Into the night) (Original vocal club mix)by 4 Strings7:06
2.Riff (Original Mix)by Sander van Doorn7:04
3.In Silence (Ron van den Beuken Remix)by Randy Katana11:16
4.Timeless (Ron van den Beuken Remix)by Ron van den Beuken8:27
5.Clokx (Ron van den Beuken 2009 Remix)by Clokx6:03
6.S.O.S. (Message In A Bottle) (Sander van Doorn Remix)by Filterfunk8:29
7.Fancy Fair (Fancy Edit)by Randy Katana7:20
8.Theme Songby Sandler9:24
9.Ocean Drive Boulevard (Original Mix)by Leon Bolier6:44
10.Day At The Beach (Original Mix)by Filterheadz7:08
11.Diving (Original Vocal Mix)by 4 Strings6:55
12.Horizon (Mac Zimms Remix)by Substate8:36
13.MME (Original Mix)by Sied van Riel7:57
14.Kaboom (Original Mix)by Marcus Schossow7:21
15.TimeWave Zero (Original Mix)by Ummet Ozcan6:58
16.Adrenalineby Purple Haze9:16
17.F-16 (Original Mix)by Simon Patterson9:00
18.Heidi (Original Mix)by Jan Oostdyk8:20
19.Quatrain 3 (Original Mix)by Claudia Cazacu7:31
20.The Hype (Original Mix)by Randy Katana6:40
21.Show Time (Original Mix)by Greg Downey8:14
22.Hazzard (Original Mix)by Robbie Buri7:12
23.Happiness Happening '09 (Ali Wilson Tekelek Dub Mix)by Lost Witness8:39
24.Lost Luggage (Arnej Mix) (vs. Jonas Steur)by Leon Bolier6:56
25.The Morning (Extended Mix)by Jayden Scott6:03
26.Flashpoint (Original Mix)by Activa7:22
27.Any Given Day (Floyd Mix)by Floyd9:21
28.Together (Original Mix)by Adrian Ivan6:13
29.Anticipation (Original Mix)by Mandy Reid7:33
30.Revealed (Classic Trance mix)by Blank & Jones7:09
31.Taxi (Original Mix)by Simon Patterson8:27
32.One Day You Won't See The Sunrise (Original Mix)by Smart Apes8:52
33.Airbreath (Original Mix) (feat. Aminda)by Dima Krasnik8:39
34.Stargazer (Original Mix)by Guy Mearns8:06
35.Sacrifices (Original Mix)by Peter Martijn Wijnia8:46
36.Feel (Giuseppe Ottaviani Remix) (and Aurosonic feat. Ale Haze)by DJ Feel7:11
37.Phenomena (Original Mix)by Daniel Wanrooy7:50
38.You Are My Dream (Club Mix)by Carlos7:05
39.Call It A Night (Original Mix)by Ram8:05
40.Zappin (Original Mix)by Evol Waves6:43
41.Solus (Original Mix)by Genix6:28
42.Lucky Star (Original Mix)by Gleave8:41
43.Airflow (Original Mix)by Activa7:35
44.ID (Original Mix)by Maarten de Jong6:53
45.Dirt (Original Mix)by Oryon7:01
46.Hesitated (Original Mix)by Oliver Prime8:41
47.Sommar (Original Mix)by Progresia6:50
48.Trinity (Original Mix)by Ummet Ozcan6:53
49.Aria Waves (Light Mix)by David Forbes6:56
50.Day Time (Original Mix)by 4 Strings7:05

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