500 Years of Organ Music, CD 14 mp3 Artist Compilation by Stefano Molardi

500 Years of Organ Music, CD 14by Stefano Molardi

  • 25 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 1:09:56


1.Johann Kuhnau: Sonata No. 1 The Combat between David und Goliath - I. The Boasting of Goliath1:53
2.Johann Kuhnau: II. The Trembling of the Israelites2:30
3.Johann Kuhnau: III. The Courage of David1:05
4.Johann Kuhnau: IV. the Combat Between the Two and Their Struggle0:28
5.Johann Kuhnau: V. The Stone Is Thrown from the Slingshot - Goliath Falls0:27
6.Johann Kuhnau: Vi. The Flight of the Philistines1:04
7.Johann Kuhnau: VII. The Joy of the Israelites Over Their Victory1:17
8.Johann Kuhnau: VIII. The Musical Concert of the Women in Honour of David1:22
9.Johann Kuhnau: IX. The General Rejoicing, and the Dances of Joy of the People1:51
10.Johann Kuhnau: Sonata No. 2 The Melancholy of Saul Assuaged by David`s Music - I. The Sadness and the Rage of the King8:33
11.Johann Kuhnau: II. The Restorative Song of David's Harp4:02
12.Johann Kuhnau: III. The Calm and Contented Soul of Saul2:45
13.Johann Kuhnau: Sonata No. 3 Jobab's Wedding - I. The Joy of the Family of Laban5:23
14.Johann Kuhnau: II. The Servitude of Jacob Is Indeed Laborious4:00
15.Johann Kuhnau: III. The Bridal Song Sung by the Companions of Rachel1:22
16.Johann Kuhnau: IV. The Rejoicing for the Wedding, and the Congratulations1:45
17.Johann Kuhnau: V. The Laban's Trick4:26
18.Johann Kuhnau: Vi. The Bridegroom Loving and Content1:29
19.Johann Kuhnau: VII. Disappointment of Jacob for the Trick1:30
20.Johann Kuhnau: VIII. The Rejoicing for the Wedding Is Repeated1:28
21.Johann Kuhnau: Sonata No. 4 Hezekiah Dying and Restored to Health - I. Hezekiah's Lament for the Death Foretold to Him4:58
22.Johann Kuhnau: II. His Confidence in God2:34
23.Johann Kuhnau: III. The Joy of the Convalescent King2:34
24.Johann Kuhnau: Ciacona in F Minor6:27
25.Johann Kuhnau: Prelude in A Minor4:43