500 Years of Organ Music, CD 43 mp3 Artist Compilation by Adriano Falcioni

500 Years of Organ Music, CD 43by Adriano Falcioni

  • 12 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 1:12:24


1.Alexandre Guilmant: Sonate No.4 Op.61 in D minor - I. Allegro assai4:48
2.Alexandre Guilmant: II. Andante4:31
3.Alexandre Guilmant: III. Menuetto. Allegretto4:43
4.Alexandre Guilmant: IV. Final5:11
5.Alexandre Guilmant: Sonate No.5 Op.80 in C minor - I. Allegro appassionato5:52
6.Alexandre Guilmant: II. Adagio con molt' espressione8:39
7.Alexandre Guilmant: III. Scherzo. Allegro6:32
8.Alexandre Guilmant: IV. Recitativo1:36
9.Alexandre Guilmant: V. Choral et fugue. Allegro9:13
10.Alexandre Guilmant: Sonate No.6 Op.86 in B minor - I. Allegro con fuoco7:32
11.Alexandre Guilmant: II. Meditation. Andante quasi adagio5:30
12.Alexandre Guilmant: III. Fugue et adagio8:17