500 Years of Organ Music, CD 9 mp3 Artist Compilation by Riccardo Bonci

500 Years of Organ Music, CD 9by Riccardo Bonci

  • 17 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 1:07:08


1.John Blow: Voluntary for Full Organ1:37
2.John James: A Voluntary5:01
3.Maurice Greene: A Second Voluntary in F Major3:53
4.John Stanley: A Voluntary for the Trumpet Stop7:11
5.Mr Seedo: A Second Voluntary in A Minor3:13
6.John James: A Voluntary for Full Swell, Cornet and Flute5:09
7.John Reading: A Trumpet Air, No. 11:42
8.Maurice Greene: A 1st Voluntary in G Major2:38
9.John Reading: A Double Voluntary4:18
10.William Croft: A Voluntary2:49
11.John James: A Voluntary for the Full Swell and Cornet2:47
12.John Reading: A Trumpet for Air, No. 23:18
13.John Stanley: A Voluntary5:23
14.John Barrett: A First Voluntary in D Minor4:48
15.Mr Seedo: A First Voluntary in D Minor6:18
16.John Reading: Air for French Horns and Flute3:34
17.John Blow: A Double Voluntary3:29