80's Revolution: Disco Fox, Volume 3 mp3 Compilation by Various Artists

80's Revolution: Disco Fox, Volume 3by Various Artists

  • 22 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 2:17:26


Disk #1

1.Voices (extended)by Split Mirrors7:15
2.Love in Siberia (extended)by Laban5:00
3.Diamonds Never Made a Lady (extended)by Lift Up6:38
4.I Need You (extended)by The Twins6:50
5.More Than a Dream (disco mix)by I / Alison Yasou7:42
6.Light-Fading in the Night (special dub version)by Watching the News5:54
7.Loving in the Snow (12" vocal version)by Ocean Wings6:19
8.Dolce Vita ('87 remix)by Ryan Paris7:29
9.Tracks in the Snow (extended)by Grant Miller5:06
10.China Blue (extended)by [unknown]5:24
11.Never Ending Love (special long version)by Cartoon5:21

Disk #2

1.Lady in Black (Shakespearean mix)by Bad Boys Blue6:07
2.Are You in the Mood for Bach Tonight? (extended)by Amati5:43
3.Jasmin China Girl (extended)by Mozzart6:27
4.Two of Hearts (Oooh version) (and the Much More)by Robby Hood7:31
5.Blue Blue Eyes (extended)by Jane & Jill6:57
6.Lady in White (extended) (and Jürgen Westphal)by Angie van Burg7:44
7.Time for Love (Super Action mix)by Silent Circle5:25
8.Blinded by the Light (extended)by Shipra5:48
9.Stay With Me Tonight (extended)by Patty Ryan5:44
10.Give Me Just a Little Time (extended)by Tom5:53
11.City Lights (extended)by William Pitt5:09