A Deity in Pain Reborn mp3 Album by CygnosiC

A Deity in Pain Rebornby CygnosiC

  • 15 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 1:10:23


1.To Spread the Chaos5:45
2.Luna Obscura4:57
3.Zero Tolerance5:12
4.You Stink of Fear5:13
5.Throw Away My Dust5:47
6.The Neva55 Siren4:30
7.In the Lag of Time4:27
8.One O Two4:45
9.As Far as We Can Go4:29
10.Luna Obscura - Chaotic Mix4:08
11.To Spread the Chaos (DYM remix)4:52
12.Zero Tolerance (Noisuf-X remix)4:10
13.Throw Away My Dust (vProjekt version)4:11
14.In the Lag of Time (Sin DNA remix)3:57
15.Luna Obscura (Nitro/Noise remix)4:00