A Dog's Way Home mp3 Soundtrack by Mychael Danna

A Dog's Way Homeby Mychael Danna

  • 36 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 56:08


1.Baby Bellaby Mychael Danna1:11
2.Mother Dog is Takenby Mychael Danna1:26
3.Mother Catby Mychael Danna1:09
4.Meet Bellaby Mychael Danna2:00
5.Play Timeby Mychael Danna2:59
6.Squirrel!by Mychael Danna0:22
7.Sneaking Inby Mychael Danna1:22
8.Bella at the VAby Mychael Danna2:20
9.Practicing Go Homeby Mychael Danna1:07
10.Squirrel Chaseby Mychael Danna0:48
11.Impoundedby Mychael Danna2:06
12.To New Mexicoby Mychael Danna2:12
13.Good Dog Moonby Mychael Danna0:38
14.Jump the Fenceby Mychael Danna1:06
15.Begin the Journeyby Mychael Danna1:48
16.Rabbit Chaseby Mychael Danna0:38
17.Foraging With Friendsby Mychael Danna2:07
18.Continue the Journeyby Mychael Danna1:24
19.Big Kittyby Mychael Danna2:25
20.As Time Passedby Mychael Danna1:39
21.Coyote Chaseby Mychael Danna1:10
22.Campersby Mychael Danna1:12
23.Avalancheby Mychael Danna0:54
24.Rescueby Mychael Danna0:39
25.Bella Adoptedby Mychael Danna1:13
26.Bella Has to Leaveby Mychael Danna2:16
27.Axelby Mychael Danna2:17
28.Chainedby Mychael Danna2:44
29.Bella is Freedby Mychael Danna0:52
30.Coyote Attackby Mychael Danna2:40
31.Reunionby Mychael Danna1:35
32.Goodbye Big Kittyby Mychael Danna2:33
33.Highway Crossingby Mychael Danna0:55
34.Almost Homeby Mychael Danna1:15
35.Where's Lukasby Mychael Danna0:55
36.End of the Journeyby Mychael Danna2:11