A Human Scan(ner): The 20th Anniversary Compilation mp3 Compilation by Various Artists

A Human Scan(ner): The 20th Anniversary Compilationby Various Artists

  • 26 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 2:11:50


Disk #1

1.Amend (Exclusive)by Gin Devo7:03
2.So Ne Schöne Welt (Eisfabrik remix edit) (Exclusive)by Bhambhamhara5:47
3.Hell and Heaven (demo version) (Exclusive)by Autodafeh4:10
4.Break the Beat (Exclusive)by Kreign4:59
5.Silent World (Sebastian Komor Overdub version) (Exclusive)by DSTR6:22
6.The Stranger (club mix) (Exclusive)by Fractal Age4:56
7.Change (dance mix) (Exclusive)by Destin Fragile5:09
8.Ashes (Exclusive)by Blue Images5:23
9.Unification (Jubilee remix) (Exclusive)by Twins in Fear3:44
10.Abscence of Light (Rare Track)by Cyan Inc.3:50
11.Black Plague (Pandemic mix) (Exclusive)by Vomito Negro4:41
12.Zenit (edit) (Exclusive)by [:SITD:]6:47

Disk #2

1.Phantom (Exclusive)by Eden Synthetic Corps4:58
2.Gateway (V2) (Rare Track)by Mechanical Moth5:27
3.Golgota (Exclusive)by Centhron4:18
4.Paved (remix rework 2020) (Exclusive)by INTENT:OUTTAKE5:48
5.Blind (demo version) (Exclusive)by Disorder:Mankind5:48
6.Hexentanz (Exclusive)by Das Werk4:08
7.When the Curtain Falls (Exclusive clubmix) (Rare Track)by X-Fusion4:41
8.Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is (Exclusive)by Spetsnaz4:54
9.Wildes Tier (And One remix)by Grausame Töchter4:48
10.Blitzlicht (Aesthetic Perfection rmx)by Epinephrin4:25
11.Egal (Rare Track)by Black Heaven4:46
12.Hundred Years (20 Years mix) (Exclusive)by A Spell Inside5:19
13.Turning Away (Pulse mix) (Exclusive)by Absurd Minds4:48
14.Straftanz (album mix)by Straftanz4:51