A Long And Silent Street mp3 Album by Don Philippe

A Long And Silent Streetby Don Philippe

  • 16 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 35:41


1.A Long And Silent Street2:26
2.I Walk In Blackness2:06
3.I Stumble And Fall And Rise2:53
4.My Feet Trample The Silent Stones And Leaves1:35
5.Someone Behind Me Tramples And Leaves2:07
6.If I Slow Down, He Slows2:11
7.If I Run, He Runs2:35
8.I Turn: Nobody1:59
9.Everything Is Dark And Doorless2:19
10.Only My Steps Aware Of Me Turning2:09
11.Among These Corners2:16
12.Leading Forever To The Street2:15
13.Where Nobody Waits For Me2:27
14.Where Nobody Follows Me2:27
15.Where I Pursue A Man2:59
16.Who Stumbles And Falls And Rises0:57