A Night @ Buddha-Bar Hotel (Limited Edition) mp3 Compilation by Various Artists

A Night @ Buddha-Bar Hotel (Limited Edition)by Various Artists

  • 146 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 12:47:36


Disk #1

1.Return Homeby Eli Kazah4:47
2.Runway Girlsby Ambray3:14
3.Sundown Caravanby Buddhattitude4:15
4.Pale Christmas (and Frank García)by Mademoiselle Caro3:59
5.Liberdadeby Buddhattitude4:24
6.Smile at Your Heartby Emar3:50
7.Song of Songsby Inbar Bakal5:22
8.Hablare de tiby Buddhattitude3:33
9.Another Sprintby Buddhattitude4:01
10.Amon Raby Buddhattitude3:56
11.Grevilleaby Buddhattitude3:36
12.Black Orchidby Buddhattitude4:05

Disk #2

1.Siberian Shuffleby Buddhattitude4:04
2.Palomitay (and Alejandro Seoane)by Jaime Torres4:03
3.Railroadby Lonely Drifter Karen3:30
4.Coming Home (Daylight mix)by Urban Myth Club3:28
5.Hobina Ghiretnaby Caravane4:36
6.River Man (Makyo's Summer Rain remix)by Natacha Atlas5:23
7.A Dreamby Papercut4:45
8.Freedomby Buddhattitude3:31
9.Ohm-Chiby Florzinho4:07
10.Earth Gardenby Nada6:07
11.Set Me Free (feat. Mathew Evans)by James Bright6:12
12.Quiet Cafe'sby Ayoe Angelica4:49

Disk #3

1.Rajamatiby Nada6:54
2.Cetaceaby Buddhattitude4:06
3.Make Me Yours (Hazme Tuya) (Pete Dingon remix)by Velvet Lounge Project6:00
4.A Son's Lamentby Sookey Bandits5:38
5.The Damn Thingby Mashti5:20
6.Rainby Cantoma6:41
7.Fractureby Buddhattitude6:23
8.Wonder of the Stormby Buddhattitude5:44
9.Copacabana Cafeby Buddhattitude4:01
10.Naina Laageyby MIDIval PunditZ6:16
11.Wastin Time (feat. Aris Duke & Helena K)by Chris Nemmo5:30
12.Agabatby Impressions4:27

Disk #4

1.Polesby Serafim Tsotsonis2:24
2.Megsiratlak, Megsiratlak...by Goya Project5:38
3.Alhaurinby Adani & Wolf4:51
4.Dreaming About Anoushkaby Buddhattitude3:40
5.Habla mi coraz (Kevin Yost's Otherside of the World remix)by Lemongrass6:47
6.Bring Down the Mountain (feat. Grant Lee Phillips)by Carmen Rizzo4:48
7.Secret Desireby Triangle Sun5:02
8.All About Youby Bahramji & Mashti4:55
9.Snow in Istanbulby Nemas Project4:24
10.The Candle & The Moth (and Bill Laswell)by Sussan Deyhim5:07
11.Topkapiby Travel Impressions5:17
12.Malkoshm (Carmen Rizzo remix)by Chandrika Krishnamurthy Tandon5:10

Disk #5

1.Any Old Thing (feat. Tommy Dorsey)by Swing Republic4:25
2.Closer to the Light (The Mumbai Odyssey mix)by Mathieu & Florzinho5:16
3.Rechka (Iskra Flowers mix) (feat. Starostin & Larina)by Ku-Rush5:42
4.Diamondby Triangle Sun4:10
5.Golzare Ashegh - Garden of the Belovedby Loga Ramin Torkian4:29
6.Fellini's Roma (Bent remix)by Czech Philharmonic Chamber Orchestra4:17
7.As I Amby Emar4:28
8.Oceanic (and Chris Le Blanc)by Roberto Sol5:23
9.Funky Chamby Travel Impressions4:35
10.Half Human (feat. Etten)by Chris Nemmo4:16
11.Saranghi Breaksby Kaya Project4:26
12.Electric Poem (Serafim Tsotsonis remix)by Ion4:50

Disk #6

1.Vinoba Road (Mantrams Beats)by Buddha Sounds5:58
2.Elment as En Rozsam (Easy Drive Folktronic mix by Zoohacker)by Balkan Fanatik3:15
3.High Tide, Low Tide (Ganga remix) (feat. Don Abi)by Razoof5:11
4.Miracle of Love (feat. Ma'dEEvah)by Mathieu & Florzinho5:01
5.Midnightby Bahramji & Mashti4:20
6.When She's Goneby Banzai Republic6:19
7.Go Undergroundby Kenneth Bager8:41
8.Disco Over Meby Mikael Delta6:10
9.Astro Black (The Big Wow mix)by Freedom Satellite3:41
10.Bombay Bluesby SoulAvenue5:25
11.Barbi in Loveby BarBQ6:41
12.Some Boys (Valentin Huedo remix)by bird7:35

Disk #7

1.Midsummernight Bluesby Waldeck4:27
2.Journey to Manduraiby Sunyata Project4:46
3.Paris Blues (The Real Tuesday Weld remix)by Czech Philharmonic Chamber Orchestra3:55
4.Carry On (vs. Projections)by Woolfy4:02
5.Melodia del marby Eso Es5:13
6.Kalypsoby Drumspyder4:14
7.Badwby David Sabiu4:34
8.Snake Charmerby Benny Berigan5:03
9.Saudade do Saharaby Drumspyder4:35
10.Into the Right Directionby Lovechild4:32
11.Gonna Be My Dayby Marsmobil7:33
12.People Mambo (and HP. Hoeger)by Thompascal3:20

Disk #8

1.Sensibilityby Zeebee3:43
2.Yupla Toaby Impressions4:46
3.Savage (feat. Nica Brokke)by Afterlife4:53
4.In Your Arms (feat. Nica Brokke)by Lukas Greenberg6:48
5.Jungle Flower (Club des Belugas remix)by Les Baxter3:44
6.Come Back (feat. Neve)by James Bright7:06
7.Booty Swingby Parov Stelar3:10
8.Sunrise in Gambia (and Yann Kuhlmann)by Roberto Sol5:09
9.Cry Me a River (remixed by Black Coffee) (feat. Imogen Ryall)by Richar Earnshaw6:40
10.I've Got This Feelingby Mikael Delta4:10
11.Two Dots (Nic Fanciulli remix)by Lusine8:12
12.Nightmoves (George Vala & Audioprophecy remix)by Space Ranger7:50

Disk #9

1.Ek Jaan (feat. Reena Bhardwaj)by Nitin Sawhney2:12
2.Maby Karsh Kale3:41
3.Fallen Hero (Motor City Drum Ensemble remix) (feat. Ben Onono)by NUfrequency7:34
4.U & Eye (feat. Meital De Razon)by Chaim3:40
5.Everything You Feelby Christos Fourkis7:57
6.Harmonyby Belladonna4:43
7.Abandonby Pr0mid5:28
8.Free Loveby Christos Fourkis8:35
9.Balkanika (feat. Dark Beat)by Sabb5:45
10.Our Time Our Chance (feat. Ian James Whitelaw)by Phonique3:40
11.Happy (James Priestley & Dan Berkson's remix)by Robert Owens8:09
12.Angelitos Negrosby Smokey Bandits7:13
13.The Crying Violin (feat. Resat Tokatli)by Volkan Uça4:43
14.Time (Sunrise mix) (feat. Ahyo)by Buddha Sounds3:37

Disk #10

1.Noor (The Light in My Eyes)by Azam Ali2:31
2.Ne Muchayby Alfida3:29
3.Green Sophia (Gnosis mix)by Bluetech6:27
4.Beautifulby Triangle Sun4:32
5.Farihi (Fabian Alsultany remix)by Laya Project Remix5:09
6.Bright Star (Sunset mix) (vs. Julia Biel & stimming)by Ben Watt7:16
7.Bang the Drum (Manoo remix)by Sister Pearl8:27
8.Kaya (main mix)by Doruk Ozlen6:22
9.The New Freedom (original mix) (feat. Stephanie Farhat)by Sean Bay8:54
10.Sister Walk Away (Kent & Parker remix)by Pat Farrell6:23
11.Zaman (Moguai remix) (pres. Thee Nese Djouma Projesi)by Felix da Housecat7:12
12.Voices From the Desertby Glender7:44

Disk #11

1.Nomadsby Buddhattitude4:23
2.Kraka (The Kenneth Bager Experience remix)by Valravn5:52
3.Beautifullby Mashti4:53
4.Hai La Sa (Nickodemus remix)by Laya Project Remix7:07
5.23 Towers (Biotone remix)by Kaya Project5:02
6.Going to Seville (Kaya Project remix)by Laya Project Remix5:43
7.Pure Catnipby Drumspyder5:17
8.Indian Waves (and HP. Hoeger)by Thompascal7:18
9.City in Arms (and Audioprophecy)by George Vala7:07
10.Feather (Chris Domingo remix) (feat. Alexandra McKay)by V-Sag6:18
11.Do Me So Bad (and HP. Hoeger)by Thompascal7:07
12.Wings of Love (feat. Underground Divas)by Zaga7:45

Disk #12

1.Laya Mantra (Kartick & Gotam Yalla Mantra remix)by Laya Project Remix6:11
2.Dreaminby Oslo Swan3:12
3.Farin Uttan at Verda Vekk (Carmen Rizzo remix)by Valravn4:20
4.The Tango I Saved for You (From the Film Gaily, Gaily) (Zeb's the Tango I Stole From You remix)by Czech Philharmonic Chamber Orchestra5:02
5.A M (Ewan Pearson re-edit) (and Sea Creatures)by Flowers6:21
6.My Own Seaby Serafim Tsotsonis4:32
7.Singing in the Rain (Love Baby) (Duet mix)by Betina Bager5:58
8.Silent Snow (feat. Max The Sax)by Parov Stelar5:08
9.Provokateur (and Audioprophecy)by George Vala7:12
10.Agua de rioby Rodrigo Laffertt7:29
11.Mia Zoi (feat. Dimitra Galani)by Monsieur Minimal4:57
12.Dadanby Tomy Montana6:20

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