A Nightmare in Rotterdam: From Cradle to Grave mp3 Compilation by Various Artists

A Nightmare in Rotterdam: From Cradle to Graveby Various Artists

  • 54 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 2:22:35


Disk #1

1.A Nightmare in Rotterdam Intro (with Endymion vs. Ophidian)by Nosferatu1:07
2.Come as one (and The Viper)by G-Town Madness2:51
3.Worldwide crisisby Amnesys2:42
4.Let's get it on (with Endymion)by Art of Fighters3:42
5.Tendrils of agonyby Meccano Twins2:24
6.Outshine any competitionby Nosferatu2:27
7.So many sacrifices (and Ruffneck)by Ophidian3:08
8.Party starter (with Mad Dog)by Art of Fighters3:45
9.Blood omenby Enzyme X3:20
10.From cradle to grave (and Nosferatu)by Evil Activities3:00
11.XTC love (Promo goes bzrk remix)by Bertocucci Feranzano3:25
12.Dissonant poetry (Second verse by Ophidian & Ruffneck)by Enzyme X3:43
13.A Nightmare in Rotterdam Intro (with DJ Panic vs. Tha Playah)by DJ Neophyte1:14
14.Neophyte hardcoreby Neophyte1:53
15.Nobody said it was easyby Evil Activities2:07
16.I’m in your head (Tha Playah remix)by Headbanger3:47
17.Raw to the floor (and The Viper)by Evil Activities3:17
18.Creators of the coreby Hard Creation2:57
19.Enter the timemachine (Mad Dog mix)by The Playah3:24
20.Artwork (Tha Playah remix)by Art of Fighters4:23
21.Catastrophesby Amnesys1:35
22.Still nr.1 (and Tha Playah)by DJ Neophyte2:43
23.Drop It (Tommyknocker & Stunned Guys remix)by 3 Steps Ahead3:28
24.Hurricane brainby Promo1:49
25.Hymn (DJ Neophyte remix)by The Stunned Guys2:42
26.Great succes! (and Tha Playah)by DJ Neophyte2:25

Disk #2

1.Open sesame 2008 (Buzzy's early mix)by 50 % of The Dreamteam4:32
2.The brother marquizby Marquiz De Sade1:57
3.How much can you take?! (Catscan remix)by Bodylotion3:07
4.In the mixby DJ Yves1:34
5.Alleluja MFby Art of Fighters2:09
6.Hey! (TheViper & Mad-E-Fact remix)by Tony Salmonelli5:20
7.Dopeman (and Lenny Dee)by DJ Paul3:09
8.XTC loveby Bertocucci Feranzano2:36
9.Gib mir die bassby Tschabos1:52
10.Roots and culture (vs. Wedlock)by Predator2:00
11.In controlby DJ Alex1:05
12.Pessa pessa (Buzzy goes BZRK mix)by Masoko Solo2:31
13.Antimix (by Neophyte)by The Masochist2:10
14.Go get Ill (and Buzz Fuzz)by Prophet1:57
15.Porky prime cutby DJ Freak2:12
16.Shadowlands anthem (DJ Vince & Zany's remake)by Shadowlands Terrorists3:23
17.Muthafuckby DJ E-rick2:02
18.Screamby Without a Doubt3:25
19.Our definition of the old style (and Darien Kelly)by Stunned Guys2:26
20.Better than brooklynby Renata Ricciardi1:37
21.Get this motherfucker (vs. Stunned guys)by Neophyte2:42
22.We gonna get this placeby Too Fast for Mellow2:00
23.Gam gam (and MC Hair)by DJ Ricci2:09
24.M.J.'s childs playby [unknown]2:45
25.Paranoiaby Babba Nation2:14
26.Raise your power (Stunned guys Remix)by Prezioso2:32
27.Kick some shitby Omar Santana1:25
28.Step the fuck backby Omar Santana2:26