A Point Too Far To Astronaut... mp3 Album by Telephone Jim Jesus

A Point Too Far To Astronaut...by Telephone Jim Jesus

  • 16 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 38:37


1.War Toy2:14
2.Bathroom Mirror2:45
3.I'm Not Ok0:59
4.N + 1 Trial (feat. Pedestrian)2:22
5.Failure to Fly2:10
6.Untitled Private Landscape (feat. Pedestrian)2:00
7.Guessing Tubes3:01
8.The Ouroboros Tongue1:07
9.Stuck by Falling Object3:40
10.A Blindness Falls Pt. A (feat. Pedestrian)0:24
11.A Blindness Falls Pt. B (feat. Pedestrian)2:14
12.Blue in the Face2:15
13.Convertible Stingray (feat. Passage)1:31
14.Little Boy One Eye2:41
16.Two Clasping What They Dream Is One Another (feat. Pedestrian)5:30