A Song For All Seasons (Re-Issue) mp3 Album by Renaissance

A Song For All Seasons (Re-Issue)by Renaissance

  • 8 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 44:41


1.Opening Out4:16
2.The Day of the Dreamer9:44
3.Closer Than Yesterday3:19
4.Kindness (At the End)4:49
5.Back Home Once Again3:17
6.She Is Love4:13
7.Northern Lights4:07
8.A Song for All Seasons10:56
Kenneth Evans
Renaissance's "Azure D'Or" is the UK band's 1979 release. Fronted by singer Annie Haslam, the band also consisted of bassist Jon Camp keyoardist John Tout, drummer Terrence Sullivan and guitarist Michael Dunford. This release marked the end of this popular line-up of the band, as Tout and Sullivan departed the group after it's release. Personally, I like this CD a lot because of it's production by David Hentschel and the shorter songs than previous relaeses. Camp's "Kalynda" is a perfect example; a beautiful piece. Lyricist Bettie Thatcher and Dunford's "Jeckyl And Hyde" is another great masterpiece. If you like the preceeding CD "Song For All Seasons", you will love this LP! Buy it!!