A Soundtrack for the Wheel of Time mp3 Album by Robert Berry

A Soundtrack for the Wheel of Timeby Robert Berry

  • 19 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 53:22


1.Theme for the Wheel of Time3:37
2.Return to Emonds Fields3:55
3.Song for Moiraine3:34
4.Traveling the Ways3:05
5.Spears and Buckler1:22
6.Dream Walker2:04
7.Knowledge of the Wise Ones1:09
8.Winespring Reel4:32
9.Halls of Tar Valon0:57
10.Search for the Black Ajah5:06
11.Ladies of the Tower3:12
12.Game of Houses3:44
13.Voyage of the Sea Folk3:45
14.Heart of the Wolf1:09
15.Journey Through the Waste0:57
16.Lan the Warder1:18
17.March of the Trollocs3:15
18.Rand's Theme (Fanfare for the Dragon Reborn)4:31
19.Aiel Approach (Dahl of a Chant) [Andy Frazier]2:10