A State of Trance Festival (Warm Up Sets) mp3 Compilation by Various Artists

A State of Trance Festival (Warm Up Sets)by Various Artists

  • 65 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 7:47:42


1.A World Is Watching (Michael A Remix)by Silinder7:25
2.Blast From The Past (Mitaric's Division Remix)by Nicolas Petracca8:02
3.The Fat Duck (Original Mix)by Ruttenbergs7:16
4.There She Is (Original Mix)by Sebastian Weikum6:26
5.Wrong Direction (Original Mix)by Rodg6:25
6.Utopia (East Cafe Remix)by Kaan Koray7:46
7.Underworld (Original Mix) (pres. Diversion)by Solid Stone6:34
8.Letting Go (Original Mix) (pres. Dandy)by Boxer & Forbes7:44
9.Fixation (Relaunch Remix)by Andy Ling6:36
10.Around The Sun (LTN Remix) (and Kristoffer Ljungberg)by EDU6:09
11.Herbstzeitraffer (Original Mix)by Monoscope5:22
12.Gentiana (Original Mix)by Robert R. Hardy8:10
13.Circulatory Disturbance (Ghoeyash Remix)by Robert R. Hardy10:40
14.Closer (Dan Sieg Remix) (and Ellie Lawson)by Michael Badal6:32
15.Another Tone (Original Mix) (vs. Jody Wisternoff & James Grant)by Shingo Nakamura5:11
16.Laval Station (Tvardovsky Remix)by Marcelo Vasami8:02
17.The Pathby Kintar7:21
18.Mach 5 (Original Mix)by Phynn6:16
19.Jukebox (Tom Middleton Deep Dub)by Brian Cid6:22
20.Monsoon (Original Mix) (and Sebastian Weikum)by Alexey Sonar6:09
21.Eva (Original Mix) (and Rolando Vallice)by Alex O'Rion8:00
22.Gravity (Original Mix)by Parker & Hanson8:14
23.They Are Not You (LTN Remix)by Ruben de Ronde5:48
24.Stars (Milos Ilic Remix)by Fractal Architect7:41
25.Wave of Life (Original Mix) (and Luminescent)by Miika Kuisma5:12
26.Biotope (D05 Remix)by Akihiro Ohtani7:49
27.iO (Original Mix)by Atlantis Ocean6:49
28.Space (Original Mix)by D-Unity6:48
29.For The Moment (Original Mix)by Solid Stone6:00
30.Perfect Pleasure (Original Mix)by Diversion6:08
31.Not The Only One (Original Mix)by 16 Bit Lolitas6:32
32.Fragments (Original Mix) (and Dmitry Molosh)by Michael A8:08
33.Times Forgotten (Original Mix)by Scott Williams9:15
34.Outliers (Original Mix) (vs. Darin Epsilon)by Cid Inc.6:46
35.Inundate (Original Mix)by Desaturate8:14
36.Lonely Time (Original Mix)by LOM7:42
37.9AM (Original Mix)by Sean Tyas7:10
38.End Is Near (Original Mix)by 16 Bit Lolitas7:41
39.Cloak (Original Mix)by Dustin Nantais7:40
40.Distance (Original Mix)by Matt Holiday10:06
41.Worms (Phuture Traxx Remix)by SEQ97:34
42.Indistinctive Things (Simos Tagias Remix)by Fiddler7:37
43.Overlaid (Original Mix) (and Styller)by Basil O'Glue8:13
44.Geen Gelul (Alessandro Diga's Geen Gekut Remix)by Jaap Ligthart7:46
45.Digital Mindset (Ariel AB Remix)by Artsever9:14
46.Morphine (Michael A Remix)by Solid Stone7:10
47.Small Image (Shingo Nakamura Club Mix)by Shingo Nakamura6:16
48.Skyborn (Original Mix)by Laniakea6:09
49.Flatland (Andre Sobota Remix)by Facepalm6:01
50.Stardust (Original Mix) (feat. Lucy Iris)by 16 Bit Lolitas8:29
51.Chemical Romance (H4Z3 Mix) (and Gai Barone)by Hazem Beltagui7:45
52.Cathedral (Montreal) (Original Mix) (pres. Dakota)by Markus Schulz6:50
53.Monstrous (Original Mix)by Andres W8:55
54.WYB (Deeper)by Blank & Jones7:34
55.Beautiful Things (Kastis Torrau & Donatello Remix)by Andain6:46
56.Sonority (Original Mix)by Gundamea11:39
57.Only You Can Tell (Original Mix)by Croquet Club4:31
58.Love District (Shai T Remix)by Nissim Gavriel7:08
59.Going Down (Original Mix)by Matt Fax3:30
60.Sunrise Theme (Original Mix)by Platunoff6:49
61.Fusha (Original Mix)by Kaspar Tasane4:59
62.505 (Original Mix)by Diversion6:30
63.Source of Life (Original Mix)by Scarface9:20
64.Redemption (Original Mix)by Max Graham5:38
65.Lightspeed (Original Mix)by Grum7:08