A State of Trance: Future Favorite Best of 2018 mp3 Compilation by Various Artists

A State of Trance: Future Favorite Best of 2018by Various Artists

  • 30 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 1:46:52


1.The Last Dancer (Extended Mix) (and Shapov)by Armin van Buuren3:30
2.Tonight (Allen Watts Extended Mix) (feat. Emma Hewitt)by Cosmic Gate3:17
3.The Air I Breathe (Extended Mix)by Richard Durand3:35
4.Return To Love (Cubicore Remix) (and Jonathan Mendelsohn)by Shane543:16
5.Sweet Lie (Extended Mix) (and Sveta B.)by Denis Kenzo3:34
6.For The One You Love (Original Mix) (and Ram feat. Natalie Gioia)by Roger Shah3:57
7.Revival (Extended Mix) (and Ruslan Radriges)by Feel3:34
8.Lullaby (Extended Mix) (feat. Roxanne Emery)by Roman Messer3:56
9.Megalith (Extended Mix) (and Rubik)by First State3:49
10.Bad Days (Fahjah Extended Mix) (and Luke Anders)by Sheridan Grout2:46
11.Hurt (Allen Watts Extended Mix) (feat. Danyka Nadeau)by Jeremy Vancaulart3:25
12.Sahara (Original Mix) (vs. Daniel Skyver feat. Cari & Cari)by Amir Hussain3:18
13.Turbulence (Extended Mix) (and Forces)by Abstract Vision3:24
14.Edge of Time (Assaf Extended Mix) (feat. Vika)by Formal One3:24
15.Wonderfull (Extended Mix) (and Neurofunq feat. Tiff Lacey)by Ruslan Radriges3:38
16.Footprints on The Moon (Original Mix)by Exolight & Suncatcher3:58
17.Dreams (Nicholson's Cathedral Remix)by Quench4:25
18.Almira's Dream (Original Mix) (and Austin Blake)by BakuBoy3:46
19.Bassa Marea (Extended Mix) (vs. Bigtopo & Omar Diaz)by Millennial3:29
20.Somber (Original Mix)by Kiran M Sajeev4:23
21.The Awakening (Extended Mix)by Forces3:51
22.Uplift Your Mind (Original Mix) (and Hamzeh pres. Finality)by Eryon Stocker3:14
23.Someday (Extended Mix) (vs. Holbrook & SkyKeeper)by Poshout3:36
24.A Dream (Original Mix) (and Elle Vee)by GXD3:11
25.Kiki (Extended Mix)by Rubik & Ruddaz3:31
26.Forever Forgotten (Extended Mix)by Digital Rush3:20
27.Fireflies (Extended Mix) (feat. Christina Novelli)by Roman Messer3:58
28.Stadium Arcadium (Extended Mix)by Heatbeat3:28
29.Deva (Extended Mix) (feat. Staccato)by Alchimyst3:28
30.Be In The Moment (ASOT 850 Anthem Extended Mix)by Armin van Buuren2:51