A State of Trance: Ibiza 2020 mp3 Compilation by Various Artists

A State of Trance: Ibiza 2020by Various Artists

  • 40 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 2:19:38


1.Hollow (Mixed) (Intro Mix) (and Aivra feat. Be No Rain)by Armin van Buuren5:26
2.Show Me Your Power (Mixed)by OTIOT2:30
3.I Need You To Know (Mixed) (and Nicky Romero feat. Ifimay)by Armin van Buuren3:22
4.Reverie (Mixed) (Above & Beyond Club Mix) (feat. Zoe Johnston)by Above & Beyond4:38
5.Sankthansaften (Mixed)by Ørjan Nilsen3:00
6.Could This Be (Mixed)by Matt Fax3:00
7.Discopolis 2.0 (Mixed) (MEDUZA Remix) (and Kris Menace)by Lifelike3:15
8.Sirocco (Mixed) (Lee Coulson Remix)by ANUQRAM2:30
9.One Love (Mixed) (feat. Nyla)by Maor Levi3:30
10.Awakening (Mixed) (and TheRio feat. Gid Sedgwick)by Alex Sonata3:00
11.Lost At Sea (Mixed) (and Cassandra Grey)by Assaf3:34
12.Come To Life (Mixed) (feat. Diana Leah)by Scorz3:15
13.Illusion (Mixed) (and AVIRA)by Armin van Buuren3:30
14.Go (Mixed)by Protoculture4:15
15.Shimmer (Mixed)by Kyau & Albert3:15
16.Seven Cities (Mixed) (Tom Staar Remix)by Solarstone3:45
17.Everything Everything (Mixed) (and Olivia Sebastianelli)by Andrew Rayel6:00
18.Be Away (Mixed) (and onTune)by Sodality3:15
19.Dawn (Mixed) (and Joel Freck)by Maryn2:45
20.Beyond The Comfort Zone (Mixed)by Elysian3:56
21.Walk Away (Mixed) (feat. Sarah De Warren)by Luke Bond3:41
22.Poem (Mixed)by Alexander Popov2:45
23.Stars Collide (Mixed) (Aimoon Remix) (and Robbie Seed feat. That Girl)by Andrew Rayel3:39
24.Fortuna (Mixed) (with Claudiu Adam vs. Ahmed Helmy)by Bogdan Vix2:56
25.Leonie (Mixed) (Beatsole Remix)by DJ T.H.2:52
26.Freedom (Mixed)by Norni2:38
27.Wanderlust (Mixed) (Eugenio Tokarev Remix) (feat. EKE)by Ruben de Ronde3:19
28.Another You (Mixed) (feat. Gid Sedgwick)by Allen Watts4:23
29.Tomahawk (Mixed)by Maarten de Jong3:16
30.Don't Be Scared (Mixed)by Chris Schweizer3:19
31.Subconscious (Mixed)by Arkham Knights2:51
32.Love Theme Dusk (Mixed) (Nikolauss Remix) (vs. Signalrunners)by Mike Foyle3:46
33.Till We Meet Again (Mixed)by Giuseppe Ottaviani3:37
34.The Voice (Mixed) (pres. Rising Star feat. Cari)by Armin van Buuren4:38
35.We Are The World (Mixed) (feat. Bo Bruce)by ReOrder3:32
36.Moonwave (Mixed)by Rub!k2:43
37.Supernova (Mixed)by UDM3:01
38.High Voltage (Mixed)by Allen Watts2:50
39.Que Pasa (Mixed) (with D'Angello & Francis)by Armin van Buuren3:32
40.Splice (Mixed)by David Forbes4:39