A State of Trance: Year Mix 2004 mp3 Compilation by Various Artists

A State of Trance: Year Mix 2004by Various Artists

  • 72 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 1:52:59


Disk #1

1.Intro (The Story Of 2004)by Armin van Buuren1:05
2.Sanctuary (Mix Cut) (Ivan Gough Remix)by Origene1:52
3.Taurus (Mix Cut) (Original Mix) -Starsignby Armin van Buuren1:03
4.Dreamer (Mix Cut) (Luke Chable Remix)by Tak Matsumoto Group1:21
5.Language (Mix Cut) (Original Mix)by Hammer1:39
6.She Turns (Mix Cut) (Markus Schulz Remix)by The Departure1:29
7.Not Even Winds (feat. Nick Beman) (Mix Cut) (Original Mix)by O.C.1:45
8.I Know You're Gone (feat. Jessica Jacobs) (Mix Cut) (Original Mix)by Max Graham3:01
9.Crossroads (Mix Cut) (Original Mix)by Rio Addicts3:05
10.Why? (Mix Cut) (Original Mix)by Lolo1:58
11.The World Doesn't Know (Mix Cut) (Original Mix)by Tilt1:58
12.Largo (Mix Cut) (Original Mix)by Elevation1:43
13.Find (feat. El) (Mix Cut) (Andy Moor Remix)by Ridgewalkers2:12
14.World On Fire (Mix Cut) (Junkie XL Club Mix)by Sarah McLachlan0:54
15.Somewhere (Mix Cut) (Clear Blue)by Elevation0:59
16.Fanatic (Mix Cut) (Original Mix)by Ljungqvist1:32
17.Tranquility (Mix Cut) (Original Mix)by Mark Otten2:51
18.Sahara (Mix Cut) (Original Mix)by Solid Globe2:53
19.Talk Like A Stranger (Mix Cut) (Markus Schulz Mix)by Deepsky1:13
20.Mind Circles (Mix Cut) (Perry O'Neil Remix)by St. John1:35
21.Foreplay (Mix Cut) (Original Mix)by Probspot1:27
22.Wave Force (Mix Cut) (Original Mix)by Perry O'Neil2:26
23.Monday Groove (Mix Cut) (Original Mix)by Roland Klinkenberg1:13
24.Arcadia (Mix Cut) (Original Mix)by Gabriel & Dresden2:55
25.I Found You (Mix Cut) (Original Mix)by Interstate2:17
26.Forbidden Colours (Mix Cut) (Original Mix)by True Form1:11
27.Kallocain (Mix Cut) (Robert Nickson Remix)by Endre0:57
28.Yimanya (Mix Cut) (Original Mix)by Filterheadz1:53
29.Perfect Wave (Mix Cut) (Original Mix)by Anthanasia2:35

Disk #2

1.Havannah (Mix Cut) (Original Mix)by Dreas0:57
2.Exit (Mix Cut) (Robert Nickson Remix)by Vadim Zhukov1:39
3.Out Of Our Lives (Mix Cut) (Original Mix)by Active Sight2:05
4.CQ (Seek You) (Mix Cut) (Original Mix)by EnMass2:19
5.Alt+F4 (Mix Cut) (Original Mix)by Alt+F42:05
6.Naked Angel (Mix Cut) (Original Mix)by Scott Bond1:09
7.Lost Sequence (Mix Cut) (Original Mix)by Fractal Structure1:23
8.Blue Fear (Mix Cut) (Agnelli & Nelson Remix)by Armin van Buuren0:28
9.Phantom Manor (Mix Cut) (Original Mix)by Mark Norman1:37
10.Flow (Mix Cut) (John O'Callaghan Mix)by Gate 420:56
11.Burned With Desire (feat. Justine Suissa) (Mix Cut) (Original Mix)by Armin van Buuren1:37
12.Suburban Train (Mix Cut) (Original Mix)by Tiësto0:42
13.Yet Another Day (feat. Ray Wilson) (Mix Cut) (Original Mix)by Armin van Buuren1:27
14.One Way (Mix Cut) (Original Mix)by U-Turn0:58
15.Dark Side Of The Moon (Mix Cut) (Original Mix)by Ernesto vs. Bastian2:12
16.Made Of Sun (Mix Cut) (Kyau Hard Dub)by Kyau & Albert0:28
17.Children Of The Sun (Mix Cut) (Original Mix)by Robert Gitelman1:30
18.Spiral (Mix Cut) (Original Mix)by Robert Nickson1:51
19.Silence (Above & Beyond Remix) (feat. Sarah McLachlan) (Mix Cut)by Delerium1:37
20.Stonecold (Mix Cut) (Original Extended)by Bossanova0:29
21.Ballerina (feat. Martin Grech) (Mix Cut) (Original Mix)by Adam White1:53
22.Yin (Mix Cut) (Solid Globe Remix)by Nickelson1:33
23.Naranja (feat. Mr Sam) (Mix Cut) (Dimitri Andreas Remix)by Mojado0:41
24.Mercury (Mix Cut) (Original Mix)by John O'Callaghan1:09
25.All Day (Mix Cut) (Original Mix)by Carl B1:09
26.Jump The Next Train (feat. Ben Lost) (Mix Cut) (Kyau Vs Albert Remix)by Young Parisians1:44
27.Dreammachine (Mix Cut) (Original Mix)by DJ Ton T.B.1:23
28.Voller Sterne (Mix Cut) (Super 8 Remix)by Mirco de Govia1:51
29.Surrender (Mix Cut) (Original Mix)by Above & Beyond1:09
30.The White Room (feat. Whiteroom) (Mix Cut) (Original Mix)by Andy Moor1:53
31.No One On Earth (Mix Cut) (Gabriel & Dresden Remix)by Above & Beyond1:18
32.Communication (Mix Cut) (Part 3)by Armin van Buuren1:38
33.Cosmicstring (Mix Cut) (Original Mix)by Marcos1:10
34.The Search For Freedom (Mix Cut) (Original Mix)by Active Sight0:42
35.Pound (feat. Armin) (Mix Cut) (Original Mix)by M.I.K.E.1:38
36.Your Eyes (Mix Cut) (Original Mix)by Dogzilla0:42
37.Automanual (Mix Cut) (Original Mix)by Marco V0:56
38.Somebody (Mix Cut) (Ferry Corsten Remix)by F. Massif0:56
39.Synaesthesia (Mix Cut) (Ferry Corsten Remix)by The Thrillseekers1:10
40.The Timelord (Mix Cut) (Original Mix)by Signum1:29
41.The Morning After (Mix Cut) (The Thrillseekers Remix)by 8 Wonders1:23
42.Adagio For Strings (Mix Cut) (Original Mix)by Tiësto2:38
43.Intruder (Mix Cut) (Original Mix)by Armin van Buuren2:23