A Truckload Of Blues mp3 Album by Bob Brozman

A Truckload Of Bluesby Bob Brozman

  • 17 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 52:30


1.We Gonna Move3:05
2.Worryin' the Blues Away3:27
3.Let's Get It Stomp2:17
4.Scene of the Crime2:17
5.Old Dog Blues4:25
6.Never Hit the Same Place Twice2:31
7.I Can't Hardly Get Along3:22
8.Stack O' Lee Aloha2:19
9.Get Your Ashes Hauled3:44
10.You Set the Market2:12
11.One of Us Was Wrong3:58
12.Backwards Blues3:03
13.Yearning and Blue3:00
14.Don't Laugh at Me2:50
15.Kitchen Man3:38
16.Just as Well to Let Her Go2:16
17.Come on in My Kitchen4:06