Absolute Metal mp3 Compilation by Various Artists

Absolute Metalby Various Artists

  • 50 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 3:40:19


1.Walkby Pantera5:15
2.Still of the Nightby Whitesnake6:38
3.Green Machineby Kyuss3:38
4.Kings of Metalby Manowar3:44
5.It's Been Awhileby Staind4:25
6.Linchpinby Fear Factory3:25
7.White Trash Millionaireby Black Stone Cherry3:19
8.Burn It to the Groundby Nickelback3:31
9.Locustby Machine Head7:36
10.Youth of the Nationby P.O.D4:18
11.Motorheadby Motörhead2:50
12.Pull Me Underby Dream Theater8:14
13.Ape Dos Milby Glassjaw5:03
14.Youth Gone Wildby Skid Row3:18
15.Sick Bubblegumby Rob Zombie3:44
16.Roots Bloody Rootsby Sepultura3:32
17.Nymphetamine Fixby Cradle of Filth5:01
18.Punishmentby Biohazard4:47
19.Die Tryingby Art of Dying3:49
20.Spacegrassby Clutch6:33
21.Enter Sandmanby Rise to Remain5:26
22.Seventeenby Winger4:05
23.Stay Captiveby Still Remains4:08
24.New Diseaseby Spineshank3:15
25.Waitby Earshot3:33
26.Dead Man Walkingby bloodsimple3:58
27.In My Dreamsby Dokken4:21
28.Jesus Built My Hotrodby Ministry4:53
29.I Don't Believe In Love (Live at the Moore Theater In Seattle, 2007)by Queensrÿche4:33
30.How Can I Liveby Ill Niño3:19
31.We're Not Gonna Take It (Single Version)by Twisted Sister3:37
32.Jumpdafuckupby Soulfly5:12
33.Power Tripby Chimaira2:46
34.Tom Sawyer (R30 Live Version)by Rush5:00
35.Lay It Downby Ratt3:26
36.Eternal Rains Will Comeby Opeth6:43
37.Strike Backby We as Human3:14
38.Stone the Crowby Down4:43
39.Love You to Deathby Type O Negative7:09
40.Eliminationby Overkill4:35
41.In the Air Tonightby Nonpoint4:31
42.Metal Churchby Metal Church5:02
43.Bloodworkby 36 Crazyfists3:18
44.Stardustby Gemini Syndrome3:49
45.Sailor's Prayerby The Devil Wears Prada3:53
46.Redneck Stompby Obituary3:33
47.Over the Wallby Testament4:07
48.Infliktedby Cavalera Conspiracy4:32
49.Japanese Freight Trainby Bush3:41
50.White Weddingby Murderdolls3:17

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