Advanced Electronics, Volume 6 mp3 Compilation by Various Artists

Advanced Electronics, Volume 6by Various Artists

  • 34 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 2:34:51


Disk #1

1.Payroll (John0 mix)by Nitzer Ebb3:11
2.Doppelganger I Love You (I Hate You remix)by Zeromancer5:30
3.Maisby Vive la Fête3:04
4.Nightlife (single mix)by IAMX5:01
5.Supermassive Gravity (feat. Massiv in Mensch4:32
6.Electrosluts Extraordinaire (Preview mix)by Faderhead4:10
7.Lass Uns Tanzen (radio edit)by Scooter3:43
8.Nothing but Blackby Spetsnaz4:00
9.Prayer (Northborne mix-edit)by Diskonnekted4:15
10.Demokratischer Sektor (club mix)by Patenbrigade: Wolff3:58
11.What Used to Be (Short Storm)by
12.My Wall (edit)by Cryo4:26
13.Unleash Hell (Deeper Into Hell 2008)by The Retrosic5:14
14.Hate This (X-Fusion remix)by Grendel4:00
15.Self-Defence (Steel-Alloyed Edit)by Amnistia5:00
16.Dying Star (Mesh remix)by Technoir5:21
17.Weekend (James Iha mix)by Ladytron3:58
18.The Shield (club remix)by Solar Fake4:17

Disk #2

1.The Plague (version N4-4)by Diary of Dreams4:45
2.Friend or Foe (The Betrayal)by Destroid4:01
3.Tainted (feat. Mortiis)by Feedback Machinery3:56
4.Now (Leæther Strip version)by Trisomie 216:01
5.Punkstarby N.W.R.4:14
6.Glaubst du? (remix)by Umbra et Imago7:02
7.Psychobotby Der Tante Renate3:51
8.One Zero (FM mix)by Modcom6:28
9.Dreamt of Blue (Mindless Faith remix)by XP84:19
10.Aliveby Painbastard6:03
11.Lautby Proceed3:31
12.Sugar and Spiceby Santa Hates You5:59
13.Ewigby xotox3:55
14.Hit Me Hard (As Hard as You Can-mix)by Noisuf-X4:24
15.About a Dead (Killed by Proceed)by Hocico3:12
16.Vater (Person Non Grata version)by Heimatærde4:59