Age of Love: Respect the Old School by Various Artists

Age of Love: Respect the Old School

by Various Artists

  • 60 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 6:38:30


Disk #1

1.The Age of Love (Jam & Spoon Watch Out for Stella Mix)by Age of Love6:45
2.Pulverturm (DJ Tomcraft Remix)by Niels van Gogh6:49
3.Sinthy (Pluto Mix)by The Pusher5:41
4.Seven Days and One Weekby BBE6:28
5.Play with the Voice in Germany (Paul Van Dyk Remix) (feat. CSilla)by Joe T. vannelli6:59
6.Chain Reactionby Third Bass4:57
7.Man on Mars (DJ Jan Remix)by Komakino6:36
8.Strange World (2000 Remake)by Push7:20
9.Kubikby T.L.T.6:21
10.Luxury Waves (feat. Kalpa)by The MacKenzie7:12
11.Jesus Trip (Christianity Mix) (and Greg D.)by Phi-Phi7:01
12.A Good Dayby Natural Born Deejays7:33

Disk #2

1.Children (Dream Version)by Robert Miles7:32
2.I Am Free (feat. Jessy)by The MacKenzie6:12
3.Want You to Stayby Delegate6:38
4.Master Rhythmby Club Royale5:04
5.Women Beat Their Men (Cevin's Peak Hour Dub)by Submission5:09
6.Hymn (European Mix)by Moby6:59
7.Flight DH2126by The Wavecatcher5:47
8.Marko's Themeby DJ Marko4:47
9.Celestia (and Di Carlo)by Tannino5:46
10.Arpegia (Without You) (feat. Jessy)by The MacKenzie6:36
11.You & Meby Blue Screen10:47
12.Red Zone (Part 1)by Robert Miles8:15

Disk #3

1.Silence (Fade's Sanctuary Edit) (feat. Sarah McLachlan)by Delerium4:17
2.Ex-Girlfriends (Mr. Sam Sunset Remix)by Urban Electro Squad6:36
3.Love Stimulation (Love Club Mix)by Humate6:38
4.Bright Side of the Sunby Antares5:46
5.Trysting Fields (Mr. Sam & Mikka Mafia Mix)by Dillinger & Capone8:39
6.War Is a Crime (DJ George's After War Mix) (vs. Jos)by DJ George's8:49
7.Friday Sicknessby Red Screen7:15
8.My Friend Is Taking Drugs (DJ Freud Vision)by Ragged Life6:13
9.Ghost (The Mackenzie Trance Mix) (feat. DJ Marko)by The MacKenzie7:20
10.Real Vibration (Want Love) (Real Club Mix)by Express of Sound4:28
11.Changeby Zodiac6:40
12.Desert Stormby Desert Storm7:14

Disk #4

1.Fired Up!by Funky Green Dogs7:46
2.Hold On Tight (Nalin & Kane Remix)by Lambda9:50
3.Feeling Sorry (2000 Remix) (feat. DJ Jack E)by Born in the 70's7:07
4.Right On!by Silicone Soul5:52
5.Save Our Soulby Bob Sinclar4:39
6.Kahana (Live At Pulse Factory)by Michael Forzza7:50
7.Touch Me (feat. Cassandra)by Rui Da Silva8:03
8.I Feel For You (Morillo Re-Edit)by Bob Sinclar7:28
9.Togetherby Department 15:48
10.Renaissanceby La Bush Team7:51
11.Set It Offby DJ S.P.U.D.2:57
12.Higher In The Skyby The MacKenzie4:42

Disk #5

1.Sanctuary (DJ George's After on Sunday Mix) (feat. Joachim J.)by Persistence of Vision8:00
2.The Message (Veroniq-Mas Mix) (by Zolex)by Carat Trax II6:55
3.Hale Bopp (Raumgleiter Version)by Der Dritte Raum7:43
4.Quantum Leapby Symphony of Love6:48
5.Midnight in New York (DJ HS Mix)by Michael Sanctorum5:28
6.Timeless Altitudeby Secret Cinema6:26
7.Energy Flow Eternalby Jens Lissat5:26
8.Acid Phaseby Emmanuel Top5:17
9.Destinyby Insider6:33
10.The Clubby Digital Express6:34
11.Time Modulatorby Zolex5:33
12.Netherworld (DJ Randy's Smoke Free Remix)by L.S.G.8:45

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