Airs of Modality mp3 Album by Curved Light

Airs of Modalityby Curved Light

  • 13 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 48:01


1.The Tale of Heiki, Pt. 13:32
2.The Tale of Heiki, Pt. 24:16
3.Amijadi Temple1:43
4.Hoichi, the Blind Minstrel2:36
5.First Meeting3:12
6.Hidden Ritual, Pt. 13:28
7.The Search5:53
8.The Curse2:15
9.Hidden Ritual, Pt. 2 / Revelation7:40
10.The Heart Sutra1:47
11.The Invocation / Final Encounter5:14
12.Hoichi, the Earless3:21

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