Album I + II mp3 Artist Compilation by Blood of the Wolf

Album I + IIby Blood of the Wolf

  • 18 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 1:10:46


1.Annihilation Overture2:02
2.With Iron Weapons and Will3:26
3.Ours Is the Blood of Courage3:58
5.The Darkness of Chaos4:02
6.Bellicose Ethos2:40
7.Of Strength and Valor4:06
8.Reborne of Wind and War3:48
9.Lex Talionis5:11
10.With Satan and Victorious Weapons3:30
11.Thunder the Drums of War2:25
12.Campaign of Extermination4:00
13.Benedictio Ultionis: Their Blood for My Glory5:23
14.Erupting Volcanic Wrath3:28
15.The Sword Is My Light and My Salvation5:23
16.Scorched Earth Ceremony4:12
17.With Fire and a Thousand Flashing Blades4:40
18.A Sermon of Slaughtered Foes5:54

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