American Routes mp3 Compilation by Various Artists

American Routesby Various Artists

  • 24 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 58:37


1.Rolling Like a Trainby Claude Samard2:44
2.I Don't Love You No Moreby Manuel Galvin3:01
3.Sweet Country Roadby Claude Samard2:43
4.Yes or No Ragby Manuel Galvin2:01
5.Take Me to the Highwayby Adrien Robert Patterson2:01
6.Greyhound Bluesby Manuel Galvin2:55
7.Running Down the Railroadby Jean Jacques Milteau1:18
8.Easy Roadby Manuel Galvin2:37
9.Chain Gangby Claude Samard1:25
10.Lake Pontchartrainby Nicolas Moreau3:00
11.Call of the Cityby Adrien Robert Patterson3:58
12.Blue Ridge Highwayby Claude Samard2:46
13.A Long Way from Homeby Jean Jacques Milteau1:24
14.Plantation Walzby Manuel Galvin2:20
15.Dark Horizonby Claude Samard2:42
16.Chicago State of Mindby Manuel Galvin3:15
17.Western Boundby Nicolas Moreau2:35
18.Dry Bone Desertby Adrien Robert Patterson2:25
19.West of Edenby Claude Samard3:38
20.From Dublin to Nashvilleby Manuel Galvin2:51
21.Dusk Fallingby Adrien Robert Patterson3:12
22.A Hobo's Diaryby Claude Samard1:23
23.Cowboy's Dreamby Jean Jacques Milteau1:03
24.Dusty Roadby Adrien Robert Patterson1:20