Angel Dust (25th Anniversary Deluxe Edition) mp3 Album by Blutengel

Angel Dust (25th Anniversary Deluxe Edition)by Blutengel

  • 27 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 2:12:29


Disk #1

1.Angel Dust I (Remastered)3:47
2.Stranded (Remastered)5:15
3.Vampire Romance, Pt. I (Remastered)6:22
4.The End Of Love (Remastered)6:14
5.Iron Heart (Remastered)5:02
6.Our Time (Remastered)5:43
7.Wonderland (Remastered)5:13
8.Angel Dust Ii (Remastered)2:48
9.Black Wedding (Remastered)3:39
10.I Will Follow (Remastered)4:58
11.Silent Death (Remastered)3:45
12.Angel Of The Night (Remastered)5:08
13.Keine Ewigkeit (Remastered)5:46
14.Night Of Sin (Remastered)4:53
15.Vampire Romance, Pt. Ii (Remastered)5:49
16.Angel Dust Iii (Remastered)5:00

Disk #2

1.Dark Skies (Remastered)4:42
2.Black Wedding (Dark Embrace Remix Remastered)5:36
3.The End Of Love (Remix By Black Heaven Remastered)5:01
4.Her Song (Remastered)2:27
5.Vampire Romance (Edit Remastered)4:29
6.Vampire Romance (Solitary Experiments Remix Remastered)5:27
7.Vampire Romance (Dark Ambient Mix Remastered)4:59
8.Vampire Romance (Trümmerwelten Remix Remastered)5:46
9.Vampire Romance (Inscape Remix Remastered)5:30
10.Vampire Romance (Crystal Dance Mix Remastered)5:07
11.Waiting For You (Remastered)4:03