Anthology by Various Artists


by Various Artists

  • 71 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 4:54:02


1.Love (feat. 4EverfreeBrony)by John Kenza3:56
2.Fading Moments (and ThatMusicBrony)by DJT3:26
3.Satellites (feat. Metajoker)by SeyN AQ3:55
4.Sunset Paradiseby UndreamedPanic4:21
5.Sun of the Night (and Felicia Farerre)by Jyc Row3:45
6.Reparation (feat. Sable Symphony)by PrinceWhateverer3:25
7.Duty (and Silver Note)by SDreamExplorerS3:57
8.Silhouette (feat. BlackGryph0n)by 4EverfreeBrony2:38
9.Zebratown (feat. Haymaker)by The Wasteland Wailers4:51
10.Paper Ladyby Replacer4:00
11.Ghost in the Dream (vs. Progressive Element & Tripon)by bank pain4:03
12.Hidden Pieceby Mantlegen & Einarx4:10
13.Grimoire (and DJ StrachAttack)by R3CTIFIER4:13
14.Funky Toyboxby L.M.4:35
15.Breathe (vs. PegasYs & ThatMusicBrony)by bank pain4:19
16.Reverse Rain (vs. Age Of Vinyl & Faulty)by Hay Tea4:36
17.Don't Look at Meby Radiarc4:23
18.Inner Lightby Frozen Night4:38
19.Start Again (ThatMusicBrony VIP) (vs. LutariFan & ThatMusicBrony)by ExplodingPonyToast3:13
20.Motions of Time (feat. Flittzy)by SeyN AQ4:20
21.New King (and UndreamedPanic feat. Chi-chi)by Silva Hound3:27
22.Moving On From Yesterday VIP (and Aurelleah)by Brilliant Venture5:16
23.Wonderboltby John Kenza3:06
24.Close Your Eyes (feat. Metajoker)by UndreamedPanic4:54
25.Give Me Wingsby iblank2apples3:16
26.Too Easyby Starlight3:00
27.Iridescent Turbulence (and Lily Stilson)by Dj Gestap5:08
28.A Grim Fateby Exiark5:04
29.Lunar Attackby syzygy.3:49
30.Crusherby Budzy3:03
31.Restitution (and VooDoo)by R3CTIFIER3:21
32.Horse or Dieby Suskii3:34
33.Stand Back (feat. N. Hollow)by MrMehster4:13
34.Chase the Worldby Flittzy & Faulty4:23
35.Playin' Games With Youby Zizkil3:28
36.Vibranceby Crystal Slave4:07
37.Clouds (Anon Remix)by Omnipony4:14
38.Awakeningby lia;quo4:12
39.Equestrian Territory (and ThatMusicBrony)by Pony Music5:15
40.Firelight (and John Kenza feat. PegasYs)by Aurelleah3:06
41.Flamethrone Legacy (and WoodLore feat. Karen)by Jyc Row5:46
42.Chant of Benevolence (feat. Chi-chi)by 4EverfreeBrony4:00
43.The Last One Leftby Replacer5:07
44.Start Again (vs. LutariFan & ThatMusicBrony)by ExplodingPonyToast4:25
45.Eveby L.M.7:04
46.Frostfire (feat. Itchigotchi)by Exiark5:37
47.Filly Bustersby Quadrivia5:10
48.Electro Horseby iblank2apples5:00
49.Peppermint (feat. Puffy)by DJT2:58
50.Ignitionby Del Rom4:45
51.Saviour (and ThatMusicBrony)by DJT3:19
52.Chaos (and Zero)by John Kenza3:30
53.Colours (feat. Francis Vace)by EnsionD3:08
54.Spellcasterby Progressive Element3:55
55.Marshmallowby Budzy3:16
56.Celestial Berserkers (and Francis Vace feat. IbeConCept)by Jyc Row4:30
57.Crystal Tears (feat. ForeverFreest)by Frozen Night5:50
58.Little Feather (and SDreamExplorerS)by Velvet Wings5:17
59.Shatterby Silver Note4:15
60.Glimmerby Plum Creek Rhythm Section4:24
61.Nebula (NeverLastStanding remix)by Spectra4:34
62.Searchlights Over Canterlot (and Thrasher)by bank pain4:15
63.Prey (and R3CTIFIER feat. PegasYs)by DJT4:01
64.In the Nightby syzygy.4:04
65.Dreadnaughtby Mantlegen & Einarx3:24
66.Travellerby IKX3:40
67.Blitz Emby Xavi2:29
68.Popsicleby Hydra2:53
69.Let the Sun Rise (feat. Itchigotchi)by Morgsch4:59
70.Everfreeby Metapony4:37
71.Wasted Your Timeby Alfiux3:10