Archive Things 1982-88 / Purged mp3 Compilation by Various Artists

Archive Things 1982-88 / Purgedby Various Artists

  • 30 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 2:10:06


Disk #1

1.Guitarworksby Meat Beat Manifesto4:45
2.1234by Meat Beat Manifesto2:05
3.West Windowby Meat Beat Manifesto1:16
4.Fallingby Meat Beat Manifesto1:58 Meat Beat Manifesto7:15
6.International Diseaseby Meat Beat Manifesto5:31
7.Dirty Rayby Meat Beat Manifesto4:24
8.I Got the Fearby Meat Beat Manifesto5:06
9.Design for Livingby Meat Beat Manifesto6:12
10.Kneel and Buzzby Meat Beat Manifesto4:21
11.Untitled 5by Meat Beat Manifesto5:00
12.Snareworksby Meat Beat Manifesto1:42
13.Synthesizer Testby Meat Beat Manifesto4:33
14.Lid Locksby Meat Beat Manifesto6:16
15.Lets Go (disco 7")by Meat Beat Manifesto3:58

Disk #2

1.Blowby Perennial Divide4:35
2.Parricideby Perennial Divide2:24
3.Word of the Lordby Perennial Divide4:21
4.Captain Swingby Perennial Divide4:35
5.Rescueby Perennial Divide5:02
6.The Fallby Perennial Divide5:34
7.Tripby Perennial Divide4:59
8.Tuna Hellby Perennial Divide1:16
9.Burning Dogsby Perennial Divide5:52
10.End of the Lineby Perennial Divide5:22
11.Burn Down (promotional 7" radio edit)by Perennial Divide4:26
12.Permanent Way (promotional 7" radio edit)by Perennial Divide4:07
13.Beehead (7" version)by Perennial Divide4:13
14.Leathernecks (7" version)by Perennial Divide4:25
15.E.C.T. (7" version)by Perennial Divide4:33