Armada Trance 16 mp3 Compilation by Various Artists

Armada Trance 16by Various Artists

  • 34 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 2:35:46


Disk #1

1.Must Be the Love (radio edit) (vs. Nadia Ali & BT)by Arty6:35
2.Entropy (radio edit)by Michael Tsukerman3:29
3.All In (radio edit) (and Al-Exander)by Ron Hagen4:08
4.Home (Mr. Pit radio edit) (and Dark Matters)by Susana3:32
5.These Days Are Ours (Antillas & Dankann radio edit)by Emma Hewitt6:03
6.Carved by Your Hands (radio edit) (feat. Temper Heart)by Sied van Riel5:05
7.I'll Listen (radio edit) (feat. Ana Criado)by Armin van Buuren5:03
8.Perfect Love (radio edit) (meet Roger Shah feat. Adrina Thorpe)by Aly & Fila3:53
9.My World (radio edit) (feat. Kyler England)by Alexander Popov4:35
10.Kepler 22 (Andrew Rayel Aether remix edit)by Fady & Mina3:29
11.Wake Up (radio edit) (feat. Josie)by Faruk Sabanci5:03
12.K Ta (edit)by Andy Moor4:45
13.Prism (radio edit)by Eco5:49
14.Exponential (radio edit)by Andrew Rayel4:11
15.No Control (James Dymond radio edit)by Luke Terry4:30
16.Come Together (radio edit)by Paul Oakenfold3:30
17.Mess of a Machine (Bryan Kearney radio edit) (and Kathryn Gallagher)by John O'Callaghan4:09

Disk #2

1.Bella Monaco (radio edit)by Rex Mundi3:56
2.Grenade (radio edit)by Ashley Wallbridge4:11
3.Filthy Fandango (radio edit)by Ørjan Nilsen4:09
4.White Label (radio edit)by W&W4:19
5.I Still Remember (Lian July radio edit) (feat. Kate Louise Smith)by Matt Darey3:39
6.Love Rain Down (Myon & Shane 54 Summer of Love radio edit) (feat. Seri)by Markus Schulz6:04
7.Where Do We Beginby Tenishia4:03
8.Torpor (radio edit)by Solid Stone6:03
9.In Your Heart (Space Rockerz radio edit) (feat. Jets Overhead)by Phynn5:33
10.Monday Morning Madness (feat. Shannon Hurley)by Alex M.O.R.P.H.4:55
11.Never Go Back (Feel remix edit) (feat. Brianna Holan)by tyDi4:18
12.Gallery of Sound (radio edit)by Stoneface & Terminal5:14
13.Like Spinning Plates (Alexander Popov remix edit) (feat. Emma Hewitt)by Dash Berlin4:30
14.Trespass (Lemon & Einar K radio edit) (feat. Sue McLaren)by Andy Moor4:01
15.Face Off (radio edit)by Ralphie B4:43
16.Letting Go (Jorn Van Deynhoven radio edit) (feat. Katrina Noorbergen)by Full Tilt3:39
17.Placebo (radio edit) (and Surpresa)by Mike Foyle4:40