Arrow: Original Television Soundtrack: Season 1 mp3 Soundtrack by Blake Neely

Arrow: Original Television Soundtrack: Season 1by Blake Neely

  • 29 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 1:17:49


1.Five Yearsby Blake Neely1:55
2.Returning Home / Scarsby Blake Neely2:53
3.City In Ruinby Blake Neely1:21
4.Setting Up The Lairby Blake Neely2:28
5.Loss And Regretby Blake Neely2:38
6.On The Listby Blake Neely1:41
7.Vigilante Justiceby Blake Neely2:11
8.Honor Thy Fatherby Blake Neely1:45
9.Inhospitable Island / Deathstrokeby Blake Neely2:10
10.I Forgot Who I Wasby Blake Neely4:01
11.Train And Huntby Blake Neely2:39
12.Betrayed By Those You Loveby Blake Neely1:51
13.Chasing The Hoodby Blake Neely2:28
14.Damagedby Blake Neely1:39
15.The Dark Archer / It Is I Who Failed This Cityby Blake Neely3:32
16.Working Together But Aloneby Blake Neely1:53
17.The Countby Blake Neely2:02
18.Friends In Armsby Blake Neely2:36
19.Trust But Verifyby Blake Neely2:38
20.Join Usby Blake Neely1:56
21.Trusting A Friend, Saving An Enemyby Blake Neely1:57
22.Sins Of The Fatherby Blake Neely1:27
23.I Can't Lose You Twiceby Blake Neely3:18
24.Search For Salvationby Blake Neely3:29
25.Shado Sees An Emerging Heroby Blake Neely1:57
26.Unfinished Business / Saving Walterby Blake Neely2:29
27.A Way Off The Islandby Blake Neely2:15
28.Sacrificeby Blake Neely4:53
29.Oliver Queen Suiteby Blake Neely9:47