Arrow: Original Television Soundtrack: Season 3 mp3 Soundtrack by Blake Neely

Arrow: Original Television Soundtrack: Season 3by Blake Neely

  • 58 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 2:21:01


Disk #1

1.Team Arrow Takedownby Blake Neely1:55
2.Mean Streets Of Hong Kongby Blake Neely3:03
3.Sara Silencedby Blake Neely3:39
4.Searching The Monastery / Merlyn Is Backby Blake Neely2:35
5.Like Father, Like Daughterby Blake Neely2:28
6.Laurel Takes On A Dangerous Gameby Blake Neely2:18
7.Ra's Al Guhlby Blake Neely1:17
8.See It, Rememberby Blake Neely2:17
9.A Threat With Incentiveby Blake Neely2:13
10.The Climbby Blake Neely3:31
11.Merlyn Brings Newsby Blake Neely2:32
12.Team Arrow Continues Without Oliverby Blake Neely3:18
13.A Father Mournsby Blake Neely2:05
14.Taking On Brickby Blake Neely1:25
15.Oliver Returns / Thea Learns His Secretby Blake Neely3:44
16.Someone You Loveby Blake Neely3:28
17.Laurel Fights Her Demonsby Blake Neely3:51
18.How Do You Lie To Me?by Blake Neely1:50
19.Atom Fliesby Blake Neely3:05
20.Forgive Us / Goodbye To Royby Blake Neely4:28
21.Felicity Pleads With Ra'sby Blake Neely2:59
22.Convince Himby Blake Neely2:14
23.Escape Through Catacombsby Blake Neely1:40
24.Fighting His Own / Need A New Lifeby Blake Neely3:59
25.Storming The Castleby Blake Neely4:57
26.Black Weddingby Blake Neely3:00
27.To The Death / They Will Kneelby Blake Neely3:17
28.To A Better Placeby Blake Neely0:55

Disk #2

1.Looking For Boomerangby Blake Neely2:38
2.First Torture Gigby Blake Neely1:27
3.Like A Kid In A Candy Storeby Blake Neely1:28
4.Boomerang In Blake Neely4:01
5.Cap In Squadby Blake Neely1:33
6.Secret Identity Bustedby Blake Neely1:29
7.Teaming Upby Blake Neely1:51
8.Torture Tacticsby Blake Neely2:17
9.Hope For Saving People Like Usby Blake Neely1:44
10.Boomerang In The Lair / Lyla Shotby Blake Neely1:42
11.Saving Lylaby Blake Neely0:35
12.Light Inside Youby Blake Neely2:29
13.Disarming The Bombsby Blake Neely3:56
14.Lyla Is OKby Blake Neely1:11
15.Gift Exchangeby Blake Neely1:32
16.The Brave And The Boldby Blake Neely1:45
17.Palmer Technologiesby Blake Neely1:47
18.Multi-Taskingby Blake Neely1:25
19.I'm Cupid, Stupidby Blake Neely3:21
20.Take Your Pickby Blake Neely1:14
21.Nyssa Not To Be Trustedby Blake Neely2:09
22.I See The Fallby Blake Neely1:49
23.Ray And Felicityby Blake Neely2:55
24.Palmer Battles Queenby Blake Neely2:11
25.Another Fallen Queenby Blake Neely3:40
26.Katanaby Blake Neely2:11
27.Maseo Searches For A Cureby Blake Neely2:06
28.The Water's Powersby Blake Neely2:22
29.Where Will You Go?by Blake Neely2:16
30.Bait And Switchby Blake Neely1:54