Arrow: Original Television Soundtrack: Season 4 mp3 Soundtrack by Blake Neely

Arrow: Original Television Soundtrack: Season 4by Blake Neely

  • 23 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 1:17:14


1.Return To Star City / Darhkness Arrivesby Blake Neely2:29
2.Green Arrowby Blake Neely2:14
3.The Ring And The Graveby Blake Neely1:57
4.Code Namesby Blake Neely2:12
5.Fighting Ghostsby Blake Neely4:04
6.Thea Has Bloodlustby Blake Neely2:41
7.Resurrected And Infectedby Blake Neely3:09
8.Beyond Savingby Blake Neely2:53
9.This City Is Dyingby Blake Neely2:51
10.Fearsome Fiveby Blake Neely2:27
11.Oliver Abductedby Blake Neely4:04
12.Ghost Takedownby Blake Neely3:25
13.My Whole World Exploded / Savage Fightby Blake Neely4:20
14.Oliver Meets Williamby Blake Neely2:49
15.Facing Anarkyby Blake Neely4:16
16.For Better Or For Worseby Blake Neely3:35
17.Taking A Handby Blake Neely2:58
18.Might Know Someone Who Can Helpby Blake Neely2:53
19.Let Each Other Goby Blake Neely3:18
20.Canary Flies Awayby Blake Neely7:00
21.Genesisby Blake Neely2:27
22.Darhk Showdownby Blake Neely4:26
23.Not Black And Whiteby Blake Neely4:46