Arrow: Original Television Soundtrack: Season 5 mp3 Soundtrack by Blake Neely

Arrow: Original Television Soundtrack: Season 5by Blake Neely

  • 29 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 1:17:47


1.Back With A Vengeance / Meet Tobias Churchby Blake Neely1:45
2.Time To Hang Up The Hockey Maskby Blake Neely1:36
3.Bratva Brothersby Blake Neely1:29
4.On The Line!by Blake Neely2:09
5.Everyone Leftby Blake Neely2:52
6.Team Fights Church / Wild Dog Takenby Blake Neely2:26
7.Penanceby Blake Neely2:55
8.Prometheusby Blake Neely2:15
9.So It Beginsby Blake Neely2:29
10.Who Is Vigilante?by Blake Neely3:11
11.Lance Goes To Rehabby Blake Neely2:05
12.Invasion Of Old Enemies And Friendsby Blake Neely4:11
13.Goodbye Laurel / Leaving The Hallucinationby Blake Neely2:31
14.Escaping Alien Ship / Building A Weaponby Blake Neely2:12
15.Thinning The Herdby Blake Neely2:03
16.Get Far Away From Meby Blake Neely3:11
17.Laurel, Not Laurelby Blake Neely2:48
18.Lunch With Kovar / Anatoly Becomes Pakhanby Blake Neely4:27
19.Rene's Lossby Blake Neely2:57
20.Home Of The Braveby Blake Neely2:32
21.Cemetery Confrontationby Blake Neely1:58
22.Talia Connectionby Blake Neely3:04
23.Not Saying Neverby Blake Neely3:12
24.Because I Liked Itby Blake Neely3:28
25.Shutting It Downby Blake Neely1:50
26.Have To Find Another Wayby Blake Neely3:30
27.Lured Back To The Island One Last Timeby Blake Neely4:01
28.Your Son Is Deadby Blake Neely2:16
29.Blown Awayby Blake Neely2:24