Artoffact Records 2019 mp3 Compilation by Various Artists

Artoffact Records 2019by Various Artists

  • 31 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 2:21:57


1.Slavesby ACTORS3:32
2.Draumadísby Kælan Mikla3:39
3.Gaslighterby Download5:11
4.He Is Notby GOLD4:22
5.Forbidden Glooneby Devours3:53
6.Don't Wanna Be Thatby Freak Dream4:48
7.Seven Stars, Seven Stonesby Seer7:22
8.The Sorceressby Dead Quiet5:43
9.The Upper Worldby Cloud Rat2:29
10.Outnumbered (single version)by The Foreign Resort4:39
11.Burning Heretic (Cycles of Absolute Truths mix by Ancient Methods)by Apoptygma Berzerk5:05
12.Everything Is Goneby OHMelectronic3:30
13.Comaby cEvin Key3:26
14.Shiver (and Senking)by Reptilicus5:37
15.Neon (Syrinx version)by John Mills-Cockell4:46
16.The Imminentby Front Line Assembly4:53
17.Talons Graspby Decree4:45
18.Dystopian Boyby Sólveig Matthildur5:18
19.Danielby Spectres4:40
20.Nothing Staysby Cyberaktif5:26
21.Ormens Offer (Seeming remix)by Valhall4:22
22.To Blackby Ritualz3:31
23.Visiting Windsby Panoramics5:47
24.Phantom Heartby LEATHERS3:54
25.Captiveby Legend5:18
26.Perfectby Individual Totem5:13
27.The Man in Grey 2019by Rational Youth3:41
28.Deaf Pursuitby Wingtips4:30
29.Ballad of Oiwaby Ötzi3:30
30.Radicallyby Seeming5:54
31.Captivesby Bootblacks3:13