Assassin's Creed Origins: Original Game Soundtrack mp3 Soundtrack by Sarah Schachner

Assassin's Creed Origins: Original Game Soundtrackby Sarah Schachner

  • 27 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 1:11:58


1.Assassin's Creed Origins Main Themeby Sarah Schachner3:16
2.Return Of The Medjayby Sarah Schachner2:31
3.Bayek Of Siwaby Sarah Schachner2:35
4.The Shimmering Sandsby Sarah Schachner3:08
5.The Battle Of Krokodilopolisby Sarah Schachner2:30
6.The Tongueless Landby Sarah Schachner3:28
7.Legions Of Bloodby Sarah Schachner2:38
8.Dead Kings And Living Godsby Sarah Schachner3:20
9.Fire In The Duatby Sarah Schachner3:18
10.Born Of The Sunby Sarah Schachner2:38
11.Winds Of Cyreneby Sarah Schachner4:08
12.I Walk On Your Waterby Sarah Schachner3:09
13.The Order Of Ancientsby Sarah Schachner1:54
14.Nomads Of The White Desertby Sarah Schachner2:54
15.Be My Eyesby Sarah Schachner1:49
16.The Cracked Wallby Sarah Schachner1:55
17.The Alexandrian Pleiadby Sarah Schachner3:44
18.Desert Deliriumby Sarah Schachner1:57
19.Apep's Vengeanceby Sarah Schachner2:40
20.Across The Dunesby Sarah Schachner2:34
21.The Last Medjayby Sarah Schachner2:14
22.Chthonic Invasionby Sarah Schachner1:45
23.A Divided Landby Sarah Schachner2:17
24.Ptolemy's Lamentby Sarah Schachner2:41
25.The Hyena's Fireby Sarah Schachner2:51
26.Moonlight On The Nileby Sarah Schachner1:40
27.Ezio's Family (Origins Version)by Sarah Schachner2:24