Assassin's Creed Unity: Original Game Soundtrack: The Complete Edition mp3 Soundtrack by Various Artists

Assassin's Creed Unity: Original Game Soundtrack: The Complete Editionby Various Artists

  • 56 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 2:30:31


Disk #1

1.Unityby Chris Tilton3:59
2.On Father's Watchby Chris Tilton3:56
3.Chase By Chase Basisby Chris Tilton2:29
4.Breach Partyby Chris Tilton2:26
5.Versailles For Sore Eyesby Chris Tilton2:50
6.The Hard Cellby Chris Tilton1:29
7.A Leap Of Faithby Chris Tilton3:07
8.Welcome To The Brotherhoodby Chris Tilton0:45
9.Church And Destroyby Chris Tilton2:28
10.A Sneaking Sense Of Libertyby Chris Tilton2:52
11.Waltz Des Thunesby Chris Tilton1:12
12.A Mystery Of Violenceby Chris Tilton2:46
13.To Your Stealthby Chris Tilton2:48
14.Off With Their Headsby Chris Tilton1:37
15.Follow My Leadby Chris Tilton2:06
16.Just Jabbinby Chris Tilton2:39
17.Put Your Mind At Eliseby Chris Tilton1:58
18.Innocent Or Guillotineby Chris Tilton2:04
19.A Clash Of Assassinsby Chris Tilton3:52
20.Belle Of The Balloonby Chris Tilton5:01
21.Monarch Enemyby Chris Tilton3:57
22.The Attainted Oneby Chris Tilton1:56
23.The Bottle Of Solitudeby Chris Tilton3:53
24.Arno's Returnby Chris Tilton1:41
25.The Frame Gameby Chris Tilton1:47
26.Battle Royaleby Chris Tilton1:39
27.The Final Targetby Chris Tilton3:25
28.Ou La Mortby Chris Tilton3:24
29.Nothing Is Trueby Chris Tilton1:39
30.Origins Of A Revolutionby Chris Tilton1:42

Disk #2

1.Rather Death Than Slaveryby Sarah Schachner2:16
2.Chandeliers And Carnageby Sarah Schachner4:01
3.Binding Loyaltiesby Sarah Schachner1:59
4.Dark Slayerby Sarah Schachner5:10
5.Danton's Sacrificeby Sarah Schachner2:20
6.Books Of Grievancesby Sarah Schachner3:00
7.Treachery And Butchersby Sarah Schachner3:23
8.Storming The Guiltyby Sarah Schachner4:01
9.A Seditious Actby Sarah Schachner2:36
10.Ballroom Fight (Invention No. 13 In D Minor)by Sarah Schachner2:14
11.Legerdemainby Sarah Schachner2:28
12.Spies, Taxes, And The Third Estateby Sarah Schachner1:31
13.Inflame Or Enlightenby Sarah Schachner3:20
14.The Committee Of Oneby Sarah Schachner3:39
15.What It Has Always Beenby Sarah Schachner2:46
16.The First Transformationby Sarah Schachner3:46
17.The Mob Accusesby Sarah Schachner2:31
18.Assassin's Swaggerby Sarah Schachner1:42
19.Right Wing Elementby Sarah Schachner1:20
20.The Nation, The Law, And The Kingby Sarah Schachner2:24
21.Execution By All Meansby Sarah Schachner1:49

Disk #3

1.DeMolay's Condemnationby Ryan Amon3:02
2.Beyond The Veilby Ryan Amon1:48
3.Rite Of Passageby Ryan Amon4:19
4.Paris Gatewaysby Ryan Amon2:55
5.Ancient Orderby Ryan Amon2:44