At 20th Century Fox, CD13 mp3 Artist Compilation by Bernard Herrmann

At 20th Century Fox, CD13by Bernard Herrmann

  • 36 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 1:12:32


2.The Lovers0:55
3."My Love Is Like a Red, Red Rose"*2:21
4.The Explosion0:49
5.The Message0:47
7.The Ladder0:35
8.The Mountain / "My Heart's in the Highlands"*2:24
9.The Mountain Slopes1:17
10.The Abduction1:37
11.The Count and The Groom0:26
12.The Mountain Top / Sunrise1:42
13.The Rope / The Torch / The Entrance / "March"2:09
14.The Count Arnes / Saint Giles1:38
15.The Sign / Sleep1:39
16.False Arrows / The Fall2:54
17.The Grotto / "Twice as Tall"*3:16
18.Lost / The Bridge / Gas Cave2:47
19.The Vines2:01
20.Salt Slides2:20
21.The Pool1:11
22.The Spear / Dead Groom / The Gun1:51
23.The Canyon / The Cave Glow2:29
24.Mushroom Forest / "March" / The Lizard2:43
25.Underworld Ocean / Dimetroden's Attack5:24
26.The Snow / "The Faithful Heart"*4:32
27.Magnetic Storm / Whirlpool1:40
28.The Beach1:22
29.The Duck1:43
30.The Count's Death2:02
31.Lost City / Atlantis3:49
32.Giant Chameleon / The Fight1:50
33.The Earthquake / The Shaft2:17
35.The Abduction (alternate)1:53
36."Twice as Tall" (short version)2:56