At 20th Century Fox, CD9 mp3 Artist Compilation by Bernard Herrmann

At 20th Century Fox, CD9by Bernard Herrmann

  • 28 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 51:39


2.The Ruins0:52
3.The Red Sea and Childhood2:50
4.The Nile and The Temple1:13
5.The Chariot Ride / Pursuit1:51
7.Party's End1:04
8.Nefer Nefer Nefer5:27
9.The Offering2:17
10.The Harp Player0:47
11.The Bracelet and The Helmet1:26
12.The Rebuke3:24
13.The Deed2:08
14.The Harp and Couch1:18
15.The Perfection of Love1:17
17.The House of the Dead1:26
18.The Burial1:27
19.The Homecoming1:24
20.Nefer's Farewell2:44
21.The Princess0:55
22.The True Pharaoh1:32
23.The Tomb2:36
24.The Proof / The Holy War1:34
25.Danse Macabre1:33
26.The Death Potion2:22
27.Danse Macabre (alternate)1:39
28.The Nile and The Temple (alternate)1:26