At Home mp3 Album by Cherish the Ladies
  • 12 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 58:01


1.The Limerick Lassies Set5:02
2.Matt Hyland5:37
3.The Tapas Reel Set5:02
4.The Curragh of Kildare4:09
5.The Harbor Jig Set4:02
6.The Waves of Kilkee4:39
7.The Leader of the Band4:11
8.Father's Day7:19
9.John of Dreams5:46
10.The Nightbird / Mystery's Dance3:33
11.Is Fada Liom Uaimí Uaimí (I Long for Her)3:06
12.Sheehan's Reel5:35